Episode 302: Under the Sea: Benjamin's Steamed Turbot Mushroom Broth, Chanterelle, Sea Beans

Challenge: Under the Sea

Dish: Benjamin's Steamed Turbot Mushroom Broth, Chanterelle, Sea Beans


1 qt champagne
1 lemon, sliced thin
Turbot fillets, cleaned
Brown butter
.25 oz black trumpet
.25 oz dried morels
2 sheet kombu
.25 oz bonito flake
1 knob ginger, smashed
1 ea scallion
12 ea fermented salted black beans
6 ea chanterelles, trimmed and cleaned
1 tbsp shallot, finely diced


Make the broth. Combine mushroom, bonito flake, kombu, black beans, lemongrass, ginger, scallion & cover with 3 cup water. Bring to a boil, turn off heat & steep over low flame. Season with salt, pepper, fish sauce & grated ginger.

Sauté chanterelles with grapeseed oil. Add shallot, salt, pepper. Deglaze with champagne. Place a knob of butter into pan. Hold warm in sauce.

In shallow & wide pan, pour a bottle of champagne in & add lemon slices. Place bamboo steamer over and bring to a boil. Season turbot well on both sides. Steam on a plate in bamboo 3min each side. Place in parchment pouch with brown butter. Let cover over in parchment.

Assemble bite: Broth, fish, and chanterelles, and garnish with a sea bean tossed with olive oil.