Episode 302: Under the Sea: Daniel's Cast Iron Salmon

Challenge: Under the Sea

Dish: Daniel's Cast Iron Salmon


6 oz skin-on salmon, scaled
5 fingerling potato, washed
3 tbsp dill, fresh
3 tbsp parsley, Italian
3 tbsp chive, fresh
¼ cup crème fraiche, slightly whipped
2 lemons, zest
½ tbsp grade b honey
2 tbsp brown butter
2 tbsp smoked salmon roe
1 tbsp granny mustard
½ lemon, juice
1 tbsp pink peppercorn, toasted & ground
¼ cup mire poix
5 springs thyme
4 clove garlic
1 leek, white only
4 cups fish stock


Boil fingerlings with aromatics until tender. Combine brown butter & mustard in pan and add potato over medium-high heat.Add lemon juice and leftover liquid from boiling to create glaze. Add fresh herbs.

Heat cast iron and add canola oil to smoke point. Season fish with kosher salt, add fresh peppercon. Sear fish for 4 minutes on skin add two on flesh side, then rest for 5min.

Mix herbs and honey with crème fraiche.

Once fish is rested, top with smoked roe and sauce with potato.