Episode 302: Under the Sea: Mia's Miso and Shiitake Clam Broth

Challenge: Under the Sea

Dish:  Mia's Miso and Shiitake Clam Broth


1 2/3 cup water, simmer
4 dried shiitake, dried
½ sake
2 tbsp miso, blonde
3 ½ cup fresh clams, with shells
1 cup mussels
2 oz seaweed, chiffonade
1 tbsp chives, thinly sliced
chili oil


Simmer shiitakes in water until soft. Add clams and mussels. Let them cook until almost done. Remove.

Add sake, seaweed, and chives. Then add miso, stir until dissolved. After reduced, re add the mussels and clams that

you set aside. Garnish with chili oil.