Episode 303: Happy Holidays: Benjamin's Duck Breast Dragée, with Glazed Daikon and Duck Sauce

Challenge: Happy Holidays

Dish: Benjamin's Duck Breast Dragée, with Glazed Daikon and Duck Sauce

1 cup Jordan almonds
1 tbsp dried ginger
1 duck breast
1 daikon root, sliced 1” thick rounds
Veg stock
2 cup brown duck stock
Shallot, sliced
Fresh thyme
Dried ginger


Place almonds in a nonstick pan over medium low heat. The goal is to melt the candy layer. Cook the melted layer with the almonds bubbly. Add the dried ginger & stir to incorporate. Pour the lot on a silpat. Let cool & set. Place everything in a food
processor and pulverize to a dust.

Sear duck breast over low heat. Render & crisp skin. Baste the flesh. Rest 10 minutes. Sprinkle dust from above over the top on skin to form an even layer. Place under broiler to bubble & candy the duck skin. Rest. Slice.

Sear daikon rounds in grapeseed. Deglaze with veg stock. Simmer until tender. Finish with butter. Reduce stock with aromatics. Season. Finish with butter.