Episode 304: New Year's: Eric's Tagliolini with Uni, Oyster, Caviar, and Chives

Challenge: New Year's

Dish: Eric's Tagliolini with Uni, Oyster, Caviar, and Chives

2 oz pasta water
4 oz uni
3 oz butter
1 tsp chives, thinly sliced
1/8 tsp caviar
1 oz Tagliolini pasta
1 ea kumamoto oysters, reserve juice
½ tsp meyer lemon, just juice

Pop the oysters out of the shell and reserve in a dish with the juice.

For the sauce, take the pasta water into a sauté pan. Put the uni in the pan reserving one piece for a garnish. Whisk the uni in the water until it breaks up. Add the butter and whisk together. Squeeze the juice into the sauce. Put 1 tsp of the reserved oyster in and then strain.

In a boiling pot of water that’s salted, drop the pasta in and cook for 2 minutes. Pull and drop the pasta in the sauce.

To assemble, have some wet salt on the square dish. Then place an oyster shell on top of the wet salt so it doesn’t move. Twirl the pasta with a fork and put it in the shell. Place the oyster on top with a sliver of uni. Place the caviar and chives on top then finish.