10 Ways To Make Your Body Great Again On Election Night

10 Ways To Make Your Body Great Again On Election Night

This election cycle has been filled with contentious debates, countless attack ads, and fodder from both sides. Now, the end has arrived: Election Day. If you've been stressed, anxious, or downright overwhelmed by this election, turn your mindset from a stress fest into a sweat fest. Trainer to the stars (and to our own Candace Cameron Bure) Kira Stokes helped us devise a plan to make your body great again. The View Live Election Special starts on Lifetime at 9pm EST/ 6pm PST. You can also watch a live stream of the special by clicking here. As we await the results to see who will be voted our next president — (Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Gary Johnson?) — here are 10 suggested exercises to get "stronger together" during our election night viewing party:

1. During the commercial break, plank for one minute and do 20 sit-ups 
- Place your elbows in alignment with your shoulders and extend both legs back so your body is parallel to the floor. Draw your navel towards your spine to engage your glutes.

- Roll up/down one vertebrae at a time, articulating your spine. The second your shoulder blades touch the ground, roll back up. You want to stay in the work.

2. When Trump wins a state, do 10 pushups (or 20 seconds of pushups)
- Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width but shoulder level; keep your core engaged; and maintain a plank-like position with your body, bend your elbows and lower your body to create 90-degree angles biceps to forearms, and push back up to start.

3. When Clinton wins a state, do 10 squats (or 20 seconds of squats)
- Start with your feet hip-width apart, point feet forward, bend your knees to bring your quads parallel to the floor, drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes, then lower into a squat.

4. Any time Melania Trump or Bill Clinton is mentioned, do 10 squat jumps
- Follow the same form cues started in #3, but as you drive from your heels to return to standing, add dynamic power and explode off the ground to catch air, then land back in a squat position.

5. Every time they say it's "too close to call" or "too early to tell," do 10 jumping jacks (or 20 seconds of jumping jacks)
- You may know how to do a jumping jack, but remember, keep your core tight and squeeze butt!

6. Every time you hear your home state mentioned, do 10 mountain climbers (each knee = 1 rep), or 20 seconds of mountain climbers
- Start in an extended arm plank, core strong; bring your right knee to your chest and draw your navel towards your spine; perform a small "hop" to switch and bring your left knee to your chest; right foot back to plank position; and, don't forget to keep your butt down!

7. Every time your spouse, partner, or significant other, threatens to move to Canada, rolls their eyes, or yells at the TV, do 10 burpees (or 20 seconds of burpees)
- Start in an extended arm plank; perform a tricep pushup; hop your feet to hip width or slightly wider to enable you to plant your heels on the ground (heels down protects your knees as you jump) and explode up to catch air; then, land in a squat position, place your hands on the ground and hop back to plank and repeat.

8. Any time someone says "unbelievable" or "I can't watch," do 10 tricep pushups (or 20 seconds of tricep pushups)
- Start in an extended arm plank, wrists in alignment with your shoulders; slightly shift shoulders over wrists, rotate the crease of your elbows forward and bend your elbows so they skim the sides of your body or hug your rib cage as you lower body until shoulders are even with elbows; body should, once again, move in a plank-like position, as one complete unit.

9. Any time Chelsea Clinton or Ivanka Trump is mentioned, do 10 tricep dips (or 20 seconds of tricep dips)
- Sit on the edge of your couch, chair, or bench, with hands shoulder width apart, fingertips pointing forward.
- Scoot your butt off the couch, chair or bench but keep your weight on your hands, not your feet; bend your elbows to create 90-degree angles (biceps to forearms); press back up to start.

10.    Any time you hear the words "e-mails," "wall," "bad hombres," "nasty," "Obamacare," "disaster," or "huge," do 10 butt-kicks (each leg = 1 butt kick) (or 20 seconds of butt-kicks)

Want to take it up a notch? When the winner is announced, do the entire circuit one time through! If your candidate is the loser, do it twice!

For more of Kira Stokes, follow her on Twitter: @kirastokesfit and Instagram: kirastokesfit and visit her online at www.kirastokes.com

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