DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

Need a few last minute decoration tips for Halloween? Check out these do it yourself decorations.
Lurking  eyes:

I always say the most important thing is the entrance to a party, and just because you only have hours to go until the kiddos ring that bell doesn’t mean you can’t make an impact.  These lurking eyes are quick and easy to make.

What you’ll need: 

Toilet paper roll:  The insert to the toilet paper roll is easy to remove and the toilet paper is still usable, and the more rolls you have the bigger the impact.  
Exacto knife: This is the easiest tool to cut the spooky eyes out of the toilet paper roll. 
A short glow stick:  I would get them in a variety of colors to make it look more interesting. 
Tape:  A roll of strong tape to secure the glow stick into the toilet paper roll.  

Paint and brush/black spray paint: I like to paint my roll in black, it increases the glow factor, but if you don’t have the time or resources a plain roll will do. 
Here’s how it’s done:

1. Pop out the cardboard insert of the toilet paper roll.
2. Draw the outline of the eyes. 
3. With the exacto knife, carefully cut out the eyes
4. If you decide to paint the roll this will be the next step.  Spray painting will be the fastest way to complete it and it dries fast.  You only need one coat. 
5. Pop the glow stick tape it into the toilet paper roll. 
6. Stick in bush, or plant, in your yard.  You can even tape in them to a window. 
Walkway to House:

This is a great project to do with the kids, and it also helps light your walkway so that the kiddos are safe as they walk up to your door. 

What you’ll need: 

Tape: Duck brand glow in the dark tape. I’ve found this casts the brightest glow and comes in different widths making it easy to create patterns on the walkway.  This is available at most office supplies stores. 
A good pair of scissors: A sharp pair makes it easy to cut the tape into strips. 
Here’s how it’s done:

1. Let the duct tape stay in the natural light for as long as you can.  The longer it is exposed to light the brighter it will glow. 
2. Cut duct tape into strips. I usually cut them at different widths to make a variety of patterns. 
3. Place tape on walkway. 

Floating Hanging Candles:
This is my favorite project of them all.  At night it truly looks like the candles are floating in the air, and they are perfect for a haunted house theme. 
What you’ll need: 

Toilet paper rolls: As many as you can get your hands on.
Black or white spray paint: Flat spray paint would be the best choice.
Flickering battery operated tealights:  You will need one for each roll. 
Whole punch and fishing line: This will create your hanger.
Command ceiling hooks: These should be used instead of tacks so that you aren’t left with holes in your ceiling. 
Here’s how it’s done:

1. Spray paint your toilet paper rolls.
2. Punch two small holes on each side. Make sure they match on both sides so they will be level and hang evenly.
3. Tie fishing line from one hole to the other, creating a loop to hang from the hook.
4. Take battery-operated tea lights and apply foam tape around each one. 
5. Insert tealight into the top of the toilet paper roll. Tip: Make sure you press around all sides to ensure the tape is adhered to the toilet paper roll, and turn on the tealight. 
6. Apply the Command removable hooks to the ceiling in any pattern you want. They look amazing in an entrance, above a dining room table, or a bar.  
7. Hang them up. 

Haunted Mirror:

This is a project that can be done on any mirror in your house, and the ideal way to create
the feeling that there are ghosts in your house.  If you have several mirrors 
leave a different message on each mirror. 

What you’ll need:

1. Mirror
2. Spray adhesive: the lightweight adhesive is the best one to buy because it is easier to remove after the party. 
3. Talcum powder
4. Goo Gone
5. Small bowl
6. Powder brush 
7. Paint brush
Here’s how it’s done:

1. Spray the mirror with spray adhesive.
2. Quickly shake out talcum powder onto the mirror and lightly brush with the powder brush.
3. Dip the paintbrush into the goo gone and write something scary like “I see you!”
4. Hang on the wall and you’re done. 

* To remove use a lightweight cloth and the Goo Gone and it will wipe off. 

Give me a Hand: 
This is a project the entire family can get involved with, and it will bring you back to your childhood for sure! 
What you’ll need:
Card stock, or a paper bag
Clear jar or vase
Wooden skewers
Fast drying glue
String, ribbon or twine
Tealight candles
Here’s how it’s done:

1. Use the cardstock or the paper bag to trace your hand, to half way below your elbow.  Have your family, or friends do this too.  The more variety the better. 
2. Cut out each hand.
3. Cut skewers the length of each finger and one down from the wrist to the arm. 
4. Glue each skewer to the back of the hand.  Doing this helps the hand to stay upright and not tip over.
5. Use the string, ribbon or twine to tie the hand to the jar or vase.  
6. Pop in a votive candle into each one.  
7. Place the collection of hands on a mantle, or down a dining table. I also like to put a collection of them around cake plates where I put my desserts so it appears that the hands are trying to take one from the plate. 
Happy haunting, and enjoy your Halloween!
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