Carly Fiorina joins "The View" After “demented” Comment

Carly Fiorina joins "The View" After “demented” Comment

Carly Fiorina joined the Friday November 6th, 2015 episode of "The View" via satellite. Carly was warmly welcomed back to the show admist her controversial feud with the co-hosts that played out over the the past week.  The feud kicked off when Carly fired back over the co-hosts' comments that she looked "demented" on the Thursday October 29th, 2015 show. The co-hosts first addressed her response on the Monday November 2nd show. Watch the clip below:

During Carly's interview with the co-hosts on Friday, via satellite from Ohio, she explained her feelings about the recent headlines.  Carly overall wants people to have civil conversations about differences.  She feels leaders see and seize opportunities and she is running for President to unlock the potential of the nation and restore its possibilities. The conversation heated up when Carly mentioned the harvesting of baby parts from abortions. Whoopi stopped Carly and said this is not true. Watch the first part of the interview below:

Joy Behar stated the "demented" comment that sparked the controversy was a joke in the second part of the interview. They are comedians, she explained, and the co-hosts make jokes about all the Presidential candidates. Whoopi also admitted she was taken aback by Carly’s comment that the co-hosts were not responsive to her during her first visit to the show.  Carly’s response was that feels conservative women are held to a different standard than liberal woman in the second part of the interview.

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