Flower Arranging 101 From Grocery Store To Gorgeous

Flower Arranging 101 From Grocery Store To Gorgeous

Pre-made bouquets at the grocery stores are always a favorite — they're affordable and add cheer to any room. But what about switching up those basic bouquet arrangements? Of course, your local florist is always the best place to get a quality floral arrangement – but sometimes it's fun to dabble with a little DIY! 

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Why just have one bouquet, when you can have three for the same price? Take juice glasses (or smaller) and turn one simple grocery bouquet into two to three smaller, glamorous ones that you can enjoy throughout your home. Use any of the green leaves from flower stems and place them inside the glass to line it. This not only looks stylish, but also helps to hide the stems and adds that "pro" touch. 

TIP: Separating and then clustering similar types and colors from the bouquet is key when making a few smaller arrangements. Color blocking is always a quick way to make something look more expensive. 


Simple roses, or any type of flower you choose, can look much more luxurious by arranging them in a decorative bowl rather than a standard vase. At home, you may have a vintage serving bowl or even a gravy boat, which works well for a dinner party centerpiece — that is, if you're not serving gravy.

TIP: Create a waffle grid with clear tape on the top of bowl before adding water. This helps the flowers stay in place.


Basic floral stems can look like works of art, even when using regular vases. Once you've arranged your flowers in the vase, go to your leftover green stems and cluster them together. Then, take your clippers, trim the ends on both sides and tie in a bundle together with a rubber band or string.  Insert one stem as its holder, making a "T" shape. Place it in your vase on the outer edge and hide the rubber band with a leaf or an additional flower bud.

TIP: If you have any house plants that need clipping, or any outdoor trees or grasses, you can add an additional modern flair by looping those leaves in and finishing off your design.

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