Ghoulish Gadgets for Halloween

Ghoulish Gadgets for Halloween

Tech Expert Katie Linendoll stopped by to show us the coolest (and spookiest) gadgets that are sure to send shivers down your trick-or-treaters' spines!

Window FX Animated Window Projector Kit
This projector is pre-loaded with 12 digital videos you can project onto a window or wall, and works whether you want it horizontally or vertically. Everything you need is in the box — including a remote control!; $69 

LightShow Projection Spotlight
You can project spooky images of spiders, ghosts, skeletons and more with this kit. The energy-efficient LED lights swivel to any position and will work on any wall or flat surface.; $19.98

Digital Dudz Masks, T-Shirts & Costumes
All you have to do to make these accessories creepy is download the free app, pull up an image and insert the phone into the hidden pocket! Get a cyborg, Cyclops or scuba diver mask or rock a moving-eye or haunted mansion t-shirt!; $22.99 - $44.99

Leave it to the pumpkin masters to have all sorts of accessories to pimp out your pumpkins!

Pumpkin Masters Lights will light up your masterpiece with 3-in-1 lights and a white extreme strobe-flashing LED light. Get Spooky Stares lights to give your pumpkin a ghastly gaze!; $4.99 - $5.99

Pumpkin Masters Rotating Stand allows you to see both sides of your beautiful artwork.; $9.99

Smoking Cauldron
This turns boring tap water into a creepy mist! You can also light up the cauldron with ghoulish colors.; $99.99

Haunted Reveal Clock
The hands on this antique mantle clock has a scary surprise when activated — the hands of the clock spin backwards, a skull appears on the face, and spooky sound effects ring out!; $49

Animated Haunted Books
This spooky book collection has a motion sensor for a fun prank — when your victim walks by, the books activate a creepy laugh, the door opens and a skeleton hand pops out!; $53

Haunted Typewriterz
This scary typewriter is motion-activated and repeatedly spells out "H-E-L-P" as the keys and paper carriage move automatically with typing sounds.; $109

Animated Sweeping Broom
This authentic-looking witch's broom sways back and forth by itself when it's activated by sound, with sweeping sound effects and carnival music.; $89

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