Hilarious Political Gag-Gifts

Hilarious Political Gag-Gifts

Are the high tensions from the election season getting on your nerves? We've got you covered — laugh it off with these hilarious gag gifts your friends and family will love.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Dart Boards
Take out your frustration at this election by taking aim at your least favorite presidential candidate. While these candidates' quotes are not entirely accurate, they're sure to get some laughs.
$50 at www.dartsanddecor.com

Trump Toilet Roll Talker
Make your toilet paper talk — with the Donald's own voice. Imagine the look on your loved one's face when they hear these hilarious quotes — and realize they've been pranked!
$14.95 at www.ourfriendlyforest.com

Clinton's Emails Magnetic Talking Button
Press the button as many times as you like to hear Clinton deny sending classified emails — seven different ways in her own voice!
$14.95 at www.ourfriendlyforest.com

Clinton And Trump Hair Socks
These socks not only have great stylized images of the candidates — but also features their flowing hair. You can even style them!
$15 at www.gumballpoodle.com

Clinton Laughing Pen And Trump Talking Pen
Press the button under Clinton's chin and watch her mechanical jaw laugh for a full seven seconds! It starts slowly and shyly and gradually builds into a crescendo of maniacal giggles and guffaws. Press Trump's hair to hear eight of his most iconic quotes in his voice!
$19.95 at www.ourfriendlyforest.com

Trump & Clinton Condoms
These are certainly not your average condoms! Trump's condom features one of his most famous quotes from the race "I'm HUUUUGE!" and Clinton's? This condom says it's "Trusted more than Hillary"!
$3.99 at www.funnycondoms.com

Pin The Toupee On Trump
Create the perfect hairstyle for Trump with this hilarious party game. You and your friends each take turns blindly pinning hair follicles on his head.
$15.95 at www.pinthetoupee.com

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