Hot Topics We Were Obsessed With Over Summer Break

Hot Topics We Were Obsessed With Over Summer Break

While we all enjoyed a little summer break from election madness and news of the world, we can't help but mourn the Hot Topics we missed out on in August 2016. So to tide us over until our historic Season 20 premiere, here are the top Hot Topics the co-hosts obsessed over while on summer break:

#1 The 2016 Summer Olympics! 

Our co-hosts certainly caught Olympic fever — they were cheering, tweeting, and sometimes dressing their Team USA Spirit! 

Women were breaking records and taking names in Rio — from Katie Ledecky to the two Simones (Biles and Manuel), women (and Ryan Lochte) were all the talk at this year's summer games. 

Candace Cameron Bure lived and breathed every moment of the games and threw it back to when husband Val medaled during the winter games. 

Sunny Hostin showed her Puerto Rican pride:

And Paula Faris and Sara Haines battled it out during GMA's own Olympics-inspired events:

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#2 Emails & Foundation Ties Continue to Plague Hillary Clinton

New emails from Hillary Clinton's private server scandal were released, raising questions about the connection between the State Department and The Clinton Foundation. Jedediah Bila was very vocal on the subject via Twitter:

#3 Shakeup at the Trump Campaign

Days after Donald Trump named Steve Bannon, of Breitbart News, chief executive and promoted Kellyanne Conway to campaign manager, campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigned from his position.

On the campaign trail, Trump began reaching out to Black and Hispanic voters, by asking, "What do you have to lose by trying something new?" Trump also continued to flip-flop on immigration, his signature issue throughout the primary.

The time off isn't stopping Sunny from keeping tabs on the latest Trump news:

And it's safe to say Jedediah speaks for all of us with this tweet: 

#4 Huma Abedin Announces Split From Anthony Weiner Amidst Latest Sexting Allegations 

Carlos Danger is at it again! Hours after the New York Post revealed Anthony Weiner sent lewd messages and pictures to a woman as recently as last year, his wife and top Hillary Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, announced she is separating from her husband. The latest revelation was particularly troubling given that in one of the lewd photos Weiner sent, the couple's son was lying in bed next to him. 

#Weinergate has been a favorite subject of Joy Behar's going back to 2011! 

Jedediah offered Abedin some advice:

Sunny discussed the fact that Child Services was now investigating Anthony Weiner on Good Morning America:

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She also had some thoughts on Trump's comments on the Weiner saga: 

So @realdonaldtrump blames Anthony Weiner on Hillary Clinton? #thatsastretch ��

A photo posted by sunnyhostin (@sunny) on

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#5 That Epic Real Housewives of New York Finale 

Ok, so maybe the co-hosts weren't as obsessed with this topic as The View staff was, but Luann's new beau was a Hot Topic last season. In June, we discussed Luann's new fiancé, Tom, and the fact that he had previously dated two of the other Housewives! The co-hosts debated whether they would ever date a guy who's been with one of their friends. Sunny was adamant that doing so would violate girl code, while Raven Symoné suggested that everything happens for a reason and "maybe they were supposed to find each other and that was the only way they could meet." Sara even revealed that her dad was originally set up with someone who ended up being a bridesmaid in her parents' wedding.

Well flash forward a few months, in a revelation only suitable for a finale, Bethenny showed Luann "evidence" that Tom was allegedly making out with another woman in the middle of the Regency Hotel, supposedly in front of everyone! Oh the Hot Topic questions that arose from this episode: Would you tell a friend if you found out their partner was cheating? Was Bethenny wrong to tell Carole and Ramona before Luann? Would you still marry a person if they cheated before you were even married? Is kissing cheating? What's worse: The cheating or the fact that he did it in public?

Lucky for us we have a three-part reunion that will be in full swing when the co-hosts hit the table for Season 20 on September 6th! See you then! 

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