Lammily Dolls and The Queens of Africa Dolls Featured on The View

Lammily Dolls and The Queens of Africa Dolls Featured on The View

On Thursday, December 15th's episode of The View, co-host Whoopi Goldberg showcased two doll brands which promote a more realistic approach to the classic toy. Lammily Dolls feature moles, freckles and all of the other things showing the beauty of a real human body. The Queens of Africa doll brand is part of a program to empower girls of African descent about their heritage. More information on both brands and how to purchase the dolls can be found below.

Lammily Dolls

On March 5, 2014 a crowdfunding campaign was launched to make dolls with typical human body proportions a reality. More than 13,621 backers, preordered over 19,000 dolls. The crowdfunding was covered by HuffingtonPost, Time, USA Today, Upworthy, and more. On November 19, 2014 the Lammily line of dolls went on sale and shipping to all backers began as well. At this time, Lammily also released Lammily Marks, a set of reusable sticker accessories for fashion dolls, allowing them to have stretch marks, cellulite, moles, etc. We also released the video below, which shows kids reacting to Lammily vs other fashion dolls.

Queens of Africa Dolls

Queens of Africa Dolls FICO Solutions Nigeria LTD, are the creators of first ever Nigerian Fashion dolls: The Queens of Africa & Naija Princesses. The Queens of Africa program is dedicated, through the use of books, dolls, comics, music and animation series, to help empower children of African descent and their counterparts to be confident and matured ethically. The dolls and materials are designed, through fun and engaging materials, to subconsciously promote African heritage. Developed by entrepreneur and philanthropist Taofick Okoya, the program has reached tens of thousands of children across Africa contributing significantly to education programs, particularly in Nigeria. Queens of Africa celebrates being an African girl in the 21st century by drawing on the strengths and achievements of our ancestors and bring them up to date to empower and inspire today's generation of African girls.

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