Easy Treats And Fun Décor for Easter

Easy Treats And Fun Décor for Easter

Setting the table for any holiday is always an opportunity to get creative. This Easter, I wanted to share a few extra ways to entertain your guests at home.

Get classy with some mini bouquets
An easy way to elevate the look of your table is to place smaller floral arrangements at each setting when serving dinner or brunch. Now I know not everyone has 6 to 12 vases at home, but most of us do have extra glasses — and those can double as a vase.

Rather than just placing flowers in your glasses (now vases), you can make the bouquets more festive by taking carrots and slicing them in half, then cut them to the height of your glass. Next, line the inside of your glass with the carrot slices — you want to do this before adding water and flowers. Embellish further by taking colorful craft tape, which you can find at most arts and craft stores, and adding a stripe at the top and at the bottom of the glass. This gives it an even more stylized finishing touch!

Personalized golden eggs
Now that you've made a few centerpieces for your guests, how about taking that place setting to the next level by giving each person their own golden egg? Stones from the yard or other objects that resemble an egg shape can be easily sprayed or dipped in gold paint. Once they are dry, take a black marker and write each guests name on the stone. You can rest your egg inside a little nest created from raffia or scraps of packing material. These types of materials are commonly found in any gift wrap department, if you don't happen to have any on hand.

Easy napkin origami
Folding your napkins more creatively can also help your table look more charming. Roll a cloth napkin completely, then fold it in half, place a napkin ring around it. Bend out the tips of the napkin and then round out the base of your napkin to give it more of an oval shape. It will resemble the shape of bunny with floppy ears when completed. How cute!

A cute carton of snacks
Serving up snacks and sweet treats can get tricky at times, so I like to make things easy and repurpose items if I can. Right before Easter, many of us buy cartons of eggs to color. After they have been dyed, don't throw out the cartons! You can use them as a way to serve. First you'll want to get a few colorful plastic eggs that are sold in most grocery and drug stores and fill them up with candy, nuts and just about any sweet treat you like. They also work well to display mini cupcakes. This is fun presentation for kids of all ages.

Easter cocktail
And what occasion is complete without a signature cocktail? One of my favorite and super-easy drinks to serve this time of year is a Chick Martini, which is a chilled white chocolate liquor poured into a martini glass. To garnish, rest an assortment of marshmallow chicks and bunnies along with a few wooden cocktail skewers, and some canned whipped cream to top it off. This cheerful cocktail can also double as a dessert.

Cheers - I hope these tips help put a hop in your step when entertaining this Easter!

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