The Whispers Recap: Drill Possesses His Next Victim in "Homesick"

The Whispers Recap: Drill Possesses His Next Victim in "Homesick"

Welcome to The Weekly Whisper for the "Homesick" episode of The Whispers, originally airing August 17, 2015. In episode 11, Wes (Barry Sloane) convinces the President of the United States to round up all the sick children in order to weaken Drill. When Claire (Lily Rabe) is brought in to question the children, she finds a lead with one child in particular.

The Doctor is Murdered: With all of the sick children brought to Dr. Benavidez for a medical examination, she discovers a "symbiotic link" in their brain tissue. Speaking on the phone in her office, she solves the medical link with an unknown caller on the line. However, she isn't the only one in her office: someone is spying on her. The spy, inhabited by Drill, reveals their identity and electrocutes the doctor, killing her while she is on the phone. 


Who is Following Sean?: A mysterious man has been lurking around the families of D.C., making note of everyone. When the mystery man follows Sean (Milo Ventimiglia)inside the parking garage, Sean takes him by surprise and confronts him about his identity and his motive for following him. 


Later, he finds out the man is a reporter named Daniel Goetz, who was sought out by Dr. Benavidez when Sean had taken her hostage when he was a John Doe. He had been speaking to the doctor up until her death -- he was the unknown caller she was speaking to on the phone.

Saved by the Bell: Claire is allowed inside the facility to talk to the children in order to find out more about Drill. Speaking with the kids, she finds a lead with Silas, but he is too afraid to divulge information. Their conversation is interrupted when the fire alarm goes off. 


All Signs Point to Minx: Claire, Wes and the children evacuate the building when the fire alarm goes off in the facility. Amidst the evacuation, Minx (Kylie Rogers) attacks Silas and then Cassandra, who ends up with a burn on her arm after her scuffle with Minx. Claire breaks up the fight and the children all point to the one who is possessed by Drill: Minx. 


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