The Whispers Recap: Drill Visits the White House in "Traveller in the Dark"

The Whispers Recap: Drill Visits the White House in "Traveller in the Dark"

Welcome to The Weekly Whisper for the "Traveller in the Dark" episode of The Whispers, originally airing August 24, 2015. In episode 12, Minx (Kylie Richards) is suspected of being possessed by Drill, while Wes (Barry Sloane) tries to convince Claire (Lily Rabe) otherwise. When they learn the true identity of Drill, Claire attempts to stop Drill from sending out a signal while Wes races to save Minx.

Who Killed the Doctor?: Silas takes Claire through the night he witnessed Dr. Benavidez get murdered. He informs her the killer threatened to kill his mother if he told anyone about what he saw. When Claire asks him if the killer was Minx, he confirms it was her.


No Pressure: Realizing they are in adjacent cells, Minx and Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) communicate through the wall. When Minx asks Henry to convince Claire that she isn't Drill, he is hesitant and doesn't respond to her right away. Minx gets frustrated and Henry's hesitation causes Minx to question their friendship. 


Cassandra: Thanks to a tip from the reporter Daniel Goetz, Sean (Milo Ventimiglia) reveals to Claire that "Orion" is actually the code name for Cassandra. Claire realizes Cassandra is the one who is possessed by Drill and not Minx -- and that Drill is in the White House. Claire informs Wes how Cassandra was able to deceive them, including how Drill framed Minx and threatened Silas. 


Drill Sends the Signal: During the televised White House press conference, the President gives his speech on a live feed when Cassandra/Drill takes the mic. Drill takes the opportunity to let out an ear-piercing shriek, sending out a signal. Drill also has a cryptic message for Claire, a foreboding of what's to come. 


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