The Whispers Season Finale Recap: The Visitors Abduct the Children

The Whispers Season Finale Recap: The Visitors Abduct the Children

Welcome to The Weekly Whisper for the "Game Over" episode of The Whispers, originally airing August 31, 2015. In The Whispers season finale episode, Drill's endgame is put into motion, with Claire (Lily Rabe), Wes (Barry Sloane), Sean (Milo Ventimiglia) and Jessup (Derek Webster) racing to do their utmost to stop it before its possibly deadly conclusion. 

Domination: Drill, in Cassandra's body, is taken to a secluded, secured site and placed in a cage for everyone's protection. When Claire demands answers about the signal's meaning, Drill informs her that Harper already told her what was coming: domination. 

They're Here: After being knocked out and captured by Drill's old, now-adult friends, Claire, Sean, and Jessup are able to escape after Wes saves them at an abandoned compound. There, they catch a news report about the alien visitors when a blue light shines down on them: the visitors are here. 


Wrong Signal: Determined to discover what Drill's previous signals meant, Claire taps Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) to decode Drill's messages. Meanwhile, the government launches warheads into space in order to destroy the invaders, but it doesn't work. Everyone races outside of the White House to catch the aftermath and Claire learns the hard way that Henry has lost his hearing again. When she is able to communicate with him, he reveals that the signal is actually a question: “Are the children ready?” 

Where Did They Go?: Claire, Sean and Wes follow Henry to find a missing Minx (Kylie Rogers) in the woods. When they finally locate her, beams of blue light shoot down from the sky onto the rest of the children - including Minx, Harper and Nicholas - taking them. When it’s Henry’s turn, Claire pushes him out of the way and she is taken instead. 


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