The Whispers Premiere Recap: Drill is Not an Imaginary Friend in "X Marks the Spot"

The Whispers Premiere Recap: Drill is Not an Imaginary Friend in "X Marks the Spot"

Welcome to The Weekly Whisper for the "X Marks the Spot" episode of The Whispers, originally airing June 1, 2015. In the thrilling series premiere, FBI agent Claire Bennigan (Lily Rabe) returns to work after an imaginary friend named Drill convinces children to play a mysterious game that turns dangerous.

Drill is Real: After she questions Harper about her new friend Drill, Claire believes that there is a case – even though her partner Jessup (Derek Webster) doesn't agree. Harper tells her about another boy who played Drill’s game, helping Claire prove Harper wasn't fooling her and that there's actually a case.

What is That?: Summoned to the Sahara, Wes (Barry Sloane) is shown the wreckage of a government plane crash thought to have occurred in the Arctic. There's something strange about the crash, including the fact that the body of the pilot is nowhere to be found despite the finding of footprints in the vicinity. 

Daddy Did a Bad Thing: When Lena (Kristin Connolly) asks Minx (Kylie Rogers) about her new friend, Minx tells her mother that her friend knows Wes did a bad thing, causing Lena to realize her daughter knows about their marital problems. 

Is Sean Alive?: Claire receives a call from Wes informing her that her husband Sean (Milo Ventimiglia), who was thought to be dead, is now considered missing. Meanwhile, she is sent a sketch of a man believed to be connected to Drill and is caught off-guard when the sketch has a striking resemblance to Sean. 

The Cure: When Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) converses with Drill outside of his bedroom window, he uncovers their secret friendship as well as the fact that his new friend has cured him. 

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