season 1

An aspiring actress juggles terrible day jobs.

S1 E1 - Virgin-Margaritaville
Sarah has anxiety about acting for medical students.
TV-MA | 09.02.16 | 9m
S1 E2 - A Very Special Episode
Sarah plays a junkie for high-schoolers.
TV-MA | 09.02.16 | 9m
S1 E3 - Sweet Valley Hell
Sarah becomes the assistant to a high school student.
TV-MA | 09.02.16 | 8m
S1 E4 - The First Date
Sarah takes her date to the world's worst focus group.
TV-MA | 09.02.16 | 9m
S1 E5 - The Day Job
After a terrible audition, Sarah takes a "real" job.
TV-MA | 09.02.16 | 10m