Pete Harrison
Pete Harrison
Played by Bradley Whitford

Character Biography

Pete sits at the center of this blended family, holding together Kate, his two ex-wives, and his three kids. After divorcing the accomplished, type-A Diane, Pete swung the other way and married the new-agey, spiritual Jackie. Now, he hopes he's found his proper match in Kate.

Pete is intelligent and has a strong sense of justice, which lend themselves well to his career as an environmental lawyer. Except, Pete defends clients who have harmed the environment, and he hates his job. He'd much prefer to spend his time at home with his kids.

With all the craziness in his personal and professional life, Pete sometimes feels like he's seen it all. But, he is still experiencing parenting firsts, like Hillary developing crushes on teenage boys and Warren spinning out about college. Pete has his work cut out for him, but he's ready to tackle these new challenges with Kate by his side.