Tracy Quartermaine
Tracy Quartermaine
played by Jane Elliot

Character Biography

A Quartermaine by blood and attitude, Tracy wakes up on the wrong side of the bed every morning. Despite her gruff demeanor, Tracy cares deeply for those that can break through her tough veneer.

The Good
-Worked with Skye Chandler to free Edward from a mental institution after he was wrongly committed.
-Allowed son Dillon to get married when Dillon was nearly on his death bed during the Encephalitis outbreak.
-Her marriage to Luke Spencer -- although she'd be hard pressed to admit it.

The Bad and the Ugly
-Withheld her father's heart medication during a heart episode unless he signed a new will benefitting her.
-Faked her own death and framed Luke Spencer for it to avoid granting him a divorce.
-Changed Alan's will so she would get all of his ELQ stock.

Friends & Family
-Monica Quartermaine: sister-in-law
-AJ Quartermaine: nephew

Love Interests
-Anthony Zacchara
-Luke Spencer