The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 9 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 9 of Shark Tank

An entrepreneur from Miami Gardens, Florida, presents his patented system that easily helps decorate and set up a Christmas tree in a matter of minutes this week on Shark Tank. Santa and his elves from Murray, Utah, enter the tank with their fun and easy-to-attach body decor, while an entrepreneur from Stowe, Vermont, presents his web rental service that ships outdoor gear and apparel directly to you, wherever and whenever adventure strikes. Finally, an entrepreneur from West Boylston, Massachusetts, introduces his innovative tool to make holiday gift-wrapping easier.


Barbara Corcoran
Mark Cuban
Lori Greiner

Robert Herjavec
Kevin O'Leary

Easy Treezy

Easy Treezy is the world's easiest Christmas tree! Available in both pre-lit and pre-decorated options, our patented Easy Setup Technology with locking magnets makes assembly fast, simple, and minimizes the frustrating time to "fluff" your tree. Simply open the box, stack, plug in...and you're done! Put the ease back in the holidays with Easy Treezy.


Beardaments, based out of Salt Lake City, UT, offers festive facial hair decor for those that want to celebrate their holiday style! Founded in 2015 by beard and holiday enthusiast, Jason McOmber, Beardaments has already decorated 100,000 beards worldwide and counting! Shop among the light-up ornaments, beard glitter kits and other beard-related accessories to find your perfect holiday style. Beardaments' unique products have received viral attention worldwide, and have been viewed online by millions. Let Beardaments help YOU Season Up Your Beard for the holidays!

Kit Lender

KIT LENDER is an online outdoor gear and apparel rental company that ships the newest ski apparel and accessories directly to your destination. With FREE shipping and returns, you can get #KittedOut with ski jackets, pants, goggles, gloves, and other winter gear from all your favorite brands! Whenever and wherever adventure strikes, leave the packing to us.

Little ELF

Little ELF is a patent pending device which is the most efficient, safe, and easy tool for cutting wrapping paper. Little ELF wrapping paper cutter is great for holidays and other gift-giving occasions because these celebrations can be stressful. With Little ELF wrapping presents can now be headache free. The outdated way of cutting wrapping paper has never worked, because the slice is either jagged, ripped, or crooked. This is frustrating! It wastes paper and your time. During the holidays, the thing people have least of is time, so why continue to spend hours upon hours fussing with dull scissors or unsafe blades, trying to convince ourselves that these are effective tools for cutting wrapping paper. Little ELF is the answer! 

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