Former Chicago Honey Bear Cheerleader
Chicago, Illinois

Bachelorette Biography

Renee is a caring mother and grandmother whose striking beauty is only a small part of her story. From being a former NFL cheerleader to writing two books, Renee has really done it all and is ready to meet the love of her life. When she isn't enjoying quality time with her kids and grandkids, Renee loves planting flowers, spending time with her cat, attending group fitness classes, and going for walks around Lake Mendota. Renee considers herself a very romantic person and the most romantic thing she's ever done for someone is make a homemade blanket so he "could always feel my warmth and love around him." She is SO ready to feel those butterflies again, and we can't wait to see if Gerry is the loving match that Renee is looking for!

Fun Facts:
● Renee really wants to meet Harry Styles.
● Renee loves taking her grandkids to the zoo.
● Renee doesn't enjoy fishy tasting fish.