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Gwyneth Paltrow
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Oscar®-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, whose 1998 turn in "Shakespeare in Love" garnered her Best Actress honors at the Golden Globes®, Screen Actors Guild Awards®, and Academy Awards®, is also a decorated author, singer and entrepreneur. In addition, Paltrow has authored four New York Times Best Selling cookbooks: "My Father's Daughter" (2011), "It's All Good" (2013), "It's All Easy" (2016) and "The Clean Plate" (2019).

In 2008, Paltrow founded goop from her kitchen table. Goop has grown into a lifestyle brand devoted to helping women make their own choices count in the various facets of their lives—from style, travel, work, food and beauty to physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Goop is curious about what it means to self-optimize, about how we can gain autonomy over our health, and how we can push uncomfortable, important questions forward without shame. In line with this mantra of making choices count, goop also makes and curates incredible products across beauty, fashion, wellness and home.

After serving as goop's chief creative officer since its inception, Paltrow assumed the CEO mantle in 2016, leading the company's primarily female team of more than 200 to exponential growth. In fall 2018, on its 10-year anniversary, goop expanded internationally to the EU. Goop's ventures include a television show on Netflix; a book imprint; permanent and pop-up retail stores; and live events, such as the renowned In goop Health summit. In addition, goop has a tightly edited digital shop and its own product lines, including skincare, fragrances, apparel, bath and body, and supplements.