Watch the 'City of Angels/City of Death ' Docuseries Only on Hulu

Watch the 'City of Angels/City of Death ' Docuseries Only on Hulu

Throughout the 1970s and '80s, more than 20 serial killers stalked the streets of Los Angeles simultaneously and within miles of each other, murdering and terrorizing citizens — until the LAPD's Robbery-Homicide Division banded together and tracked down the killers. From producers of ABC News' "20/20," the new Hulu Original "City of Angels | City of Death" chronicles the group of LAPD detectives and their investigations, from launching stakeouts to tracking and catching some of that era's most notorious murderers, including the Freeway Killer, the Hillside Strangler, the Sunset Strip Killer and more. All six, hour-long episodes of "City of Angels | City of Death" drop on Wednesday, Nov. 24, only on Hulu.

"City of Angels | City of Death" depicts the chilling details of the gruesome crimes through dramatic recreations and the first-hand accounts of law enforcement as they masterfully juggled multiple serial killer investigations before the introduction of DNA technology and under the pressure of unprecedented media attention. The detectives' discoveries changed the way authorities catch killers, revolutionizing modern methods. "City of Angels | City of Death" includes interviews with retired LAPD detectives Tom Lange, Robert Souza, Bob Grogan, Frank Garcia and Jerry LeFrois; survivors; forensic experts; eyewitnesses and more. "City of Angels | City of Death" is produced for Hulu by ABC News Studios and Highway 41 Productions. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is senior executive producer, and Colleen Halpin is executive producer. For Highway 41 Productions, Star Price is executive producer and director. Episode synopsis below:

"Heart of Darkness": LAPD detectives must juggle multiple investigations at once as a rash of serial killings terrorized the people of Los Angeles starting in the mid-1970s. Detectives Bob Grogan and Tom Lange hunt for these notorious killers throughout the city, from the Hillside Strangler in the Hollywood Hills to the Skid Row Stabber in the dangerous streets of downtown L.A. At the same time, another mysterious serial killer begins his reign of terror.

"News at Eleven": The Hillside Strangler Task Force's investigation becomes the focus of a media frenzy as they expand their search for the killer, but detective Bob Grogan has a creeping suspicion that the Hillside Strangler may in fact be two men working together. Meanwhile, detective Tom Lange gets a break in his pursuit of the Skid Row Stabber, who targeted the less fortunate — the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics — leading to a confrontation in a darkened movie theater. Elsewhere, authorities found an aspiring model slain near a beach, and the LAPD believes it could be the work of another serial killer, adding a new case to the detectives' docket.

"The Mind of a Killer": A young girl disappears in Huntington Beach, and detectives identify her kidnapper and murderer after his appearance on a popular TV series, which prompts a nationwide search. Meanwhile, detectives arrest a suspect in the Hillside Strangler case in Bellingham, Washington, but they believe the suspect's cousin may have been an accomplice in the murders.

"The Gathering Storm": The Hillside Strangler case gets even more bizarre. One of the suspects claims he has multiple personalities and that one of them, Steve, is responsible for killing with another suspect. Detectives take the Dating Game Killer into custody, but they face an uphill battle proving his guilt. As some investigations come closer to wrapping up, detective Robert Souza's pursuit of a new terrifying murderer is just beginning — the Freeway Killer, who captured and killed mostly male teens.

"A New Nightmare": The Freeway Killer eludes detective Robert Souza, leading him all over Southern California. To focus his search, Souza seeks the help of imprisoned murderer Roy Norris, one of the infamous Tool Box Killers. Meanwhile, one of the Hillside Strangler suspects agrees to turn on his murderous partner to avoid the death penalty, but the district attorney's office believes the judge should throw out the case. A new serial killer strikes, abducting women off the Sunset Strip.

"Judgment Day": The Sunset Strip Killer is at large, and detective Frank Garcia must decipher newly found clues. The serial killers of this chilling era go to trial and receive their sentences, giving their victims justice.

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