The Businesses and Products from Season 15, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 15, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

Season 15, episode 3 of "Shark Tank" featured Fanatics Chairman and CEO Michael Rubin making his Guest Shark debut and was presented with potentially game-changing businesses including a bot service for consumers, frozen beef Wellingtons, a baseball glove wrapper and a dating advice service. Get the full details on the four companies featured below!

The Sharks in this episode are Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary and Guest Shark Michael Rubin.

Glove Wrap

Gavin, an eight-year-old entrepreneur, invented Glove Wrap™, an innovative product that breaks in and shapes baseball, softball and hockey goalie gloves. Players from tee-ball to the pros love Glove Wrap™, because every glove needs to be broken in properly. Gavin, along with his dad (Jon), and sister (Morgan), run Glove Wrap™ as a family business located in Southern California.


We believe in a world where gourmet meals wrapped in the delicate embrace of puff pastry can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, and that's why we created Wellingtons, a direct-to-consumer culinary experience offering a diverse range of frozen delights—from classic beef wellingtons to innovative variants like Cheeseburger and Breakfast Wellingtons. WE PREP. YOU BAKE. And together we bring gourmet dining straight to your doorstep.


Bot-It is an automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses and consumers complete online tasks. Since launching, Bot-It has doubled in paid subscriptions each month, partnered with the largest shipping logistics company in Turkey, and is on pace to have over 1,500 paid subscriptions by the end of 2023.

Dating By Blaine

Blaine Anderson, dating coach and founder of Dating By Blaine, helps men build confidence, learn to market themselves, and attract awesome girlfriends. Dating By Blaine offers a variety of courses and 1x1 coaching programs to clients around the world.

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