America's Funniest Home Videos


Hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, "America's Funniest Home Videos" is the longest-running primetime entertainment show in the history of ABC. Each week, the "AFV" team evaluates thousands of user-submitted home videos to showcase America's real-life funny moments captured on video. "AFV" offers weekly cash prizes to the funniest or most unique videos submitted by families from across the nation. For the first time in its history, "AFV" is increasing the weekly prize amounts in season 33, doubling the first-place cash prize to $20,000, second place to $6,000, and third place to $4,000. The first-place prize winners will move on to the next competition round where they'll vie for a $100,000 prize. In its 33 seasons and more than 700 episodes to date, "AFV" has given away over $17 million in prize money and evaluated over 2 million video clips from home viewers. "AFV" has become an iconic part of American pop culture, as evidenced by its inclusion in the Smithsonian's permanent entertainment collection. Today, "AFV" is syndicated in over 103 territories around the world, spreading American humor and clumsiness across the globe!

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