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An overprotective dad tries to keep his kids in check.

S1 E28 - Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman Part 2
Maggie alarms Maggie by getting a sexy makeover.
05.20.2003 | 20m
S1 E27 - Sort of an Officer and a Gentleman Part 1
Paul invites Cate's sister to visit.
05.13.2003 | 21m
S1 E26 - The Doyle Wedding
The neighbors invite the Hennessys to a wedding.
05.06.2003 | 21m
S1 E25 - Bake Sale
Bridget has to be a mother for a school project.
04.29.2003 | 20m
S1 E24 - Queen Bees and King Bees
Paul and Bridget feel alienated in social circles.
04.08.2003 | 21m
S2 E24 - Finale Part Deux
Cate meets the school principal for coffee.
05.18.2004 | 21m
S1 E23 - Career Woman
Rory is introduced to baseball card collecting.
03.28.2003 | 21m
S2 E23 - Finale Part Un
Cate forgets to return a form for Kerry's European trip.
05.18.2004 | 21m
S1 E22 - Good Moms Gone Wild
Bridget and Kerry are caught partying in Florida.
03.25.2003 | 21m
S2 E22 - The Principal
Bridget gets into trouble at school.
05.11.2004 | 21m
S1 E21 - Kerry's Video
Kerry videotapes Bridget for a school project.
03.11.2003 | 21m
S2 E21 - Mother's Day
Bridget and Kerry set up a Mother's Day surprise.
05.04.2004 | 21m
S1 E20 - Every Picture Tells a Story
A security camera catches Paul in the act of stealing.
02.25.2003 | 21m
S2 E20 - C.J.'s Party
Cate grounds Bridget for being at C.J.'s party.
04.20.2004 | 21m
S2 E19 - Let's Keep Going Part 2
Rachel confesses her true feelings to Rory.
04.06.2004 | 21m
S1 E19 - Cool Parent
Paul picks up the girls from a party.
02.18.2003 | 21m
S1 E18 - Drummer Boy Part 2
Bridget follows her drummer boyfriend to his dorm.
02.11.2003 | 21m
S2 E18 - Let's Keep Going Part 1
The girls see Cate at a saloon with a stranger.
03.30.2004 | 21m
S1 E17 - Drummer Boy Part 1
Bridget dates a college-aged drummer.
02.04.2003 | 21m
S2 E17 - Mall in the Family
C.J. busts Bridget for sneaking into a movie.
03.16.2004 | 21m
S1 E16 - Come and Knock on Our Door
Paul has a nightmare about Kyle and his daughters.
01.28.2003 | 21m
S2 E16 - Daddy's Girl
A therapist presses Cate to pursue her dream of singing.
03.02.2004 | 21m
S1 E15 - Kerry's Big Adventure
Bridgets takes Kerry to a party after her break up.
01.21.2003 | 21m
S2 E15 - Opposites Attract: Night of the Locust
Bridget examines her feelings for Jeremy and Damian.
02.24.2004 | 21m
S1 E14 - Career Choices
Bridget wants to skip her college prep courses.
01.07.2003 | 20m
S2 E14 - Opposites Attract Part 2
Cate forces Jim to share his basement room with C.J.
02.17.2004 | 21m
S1 E13 - Rory's Got a Girlfriend
The girls accuse Paul of changing his dating rules.
12.17.2002 | 21m
S2 E13 - Opposites Attract Part 1
Bridget's friends think she is falling for her tutor.
02.10.2004 | 21m
S1 E12 - All I Want For Christmas
Paul searches for the perfect Christmas gifts.
12.10.2002 | 21m
S2 E12 - Consequences
Rory steals a police dog to make a name for himself.
01.27.2004 | 21m
S1 E11 - Paul Meets His Match
Paul discovers a lot in common with his new editor.
11.26.2002 | 21m
S2 E11 - Get Real
Cate's nephew C.J. comes to pay his respects to Paul.
01.13.2004 | 21m
S1 E10 - Give It Up
The Hennesseys each give up a bad habit for a week.
11.19.2002 | 21m
S2 E10 - YMCA
Cate orders Kerry, Rory, and Jim join the YMCA.
01.06.2004 | 21m
S1 E9 - Two Boys for Every Girl
Kerry's dream date does not call her back.
11.12.2002 | 21m
S2 E9 - The Story of Anne Frank and Skeevy
Bridget lands the lead in a high-school play.
12.23.2003 | 21m
S1 E8 - By the Book
Paul turns to a parenting book for advice.
11.05.2002 | 21m
S2 E8 - The First Thanksgiving
Cate raises spirits with a special Thanksgiving meal.
11.25.2003 | 21m
S1 E7 - Trick or Treehouse
Paul has camp out in the old treehouse.
10.29.2002 | 21m
S2 E7 - What Dad Would Want
Bridget destroys Kerry's collage honoring Paul.
11.18.2003 | 20m
S1 E6 - Cheerleader
Kerry gets picked for the cheerleading squad.
10.22.2002 | 21m
S2 E6 - No Right Way
The girls react to their first day back at school.
11.11.2003 | 21m
S1 E5 - Son-in-Law
Bridget dates a boy whose father is a baseball legend.
10.15.2002 | 21m
S2 E5 - Goodbye Part 2
Cate's parents console the family after losing Paul.
11.04.2003 | 21m
S1 E4 - Wings
Paul makes excuses to keep Bridget from taking her driver's test.
10.08.2002 | 21m
S2 E4 - Goodbye Part 1
The Hennessys grieve over the sudden loss of Paul.
11.04.2003 | 21m
S1 E3 - Bridget's First Job
Bridget gets a job at a clothing store at the mall.
10.01.2002 | 21m
S2 E3 - Donny Goes AWOL
Bridget breaks up with the neighbor's son by video.
10.07.2003 | 21m
S1 E2 - Wall of Shame
Bridget is accused of shoplifting.
09.24.2002 | 21m
S2 E2 - Sex Ed
Bridget's sex education teacher turns out to be Cate.
09.30.2003 | 21m