season 2

A group of friends struggling in life get a wake-up call to finally start living after one of them dies unexpectedly.

S2 E19 - til death do us part
Eve goes into labor.
03.27.20 | 42m
S2 E18 - mothers and daughters
Eve delivers shocking news at Regina's baby shower.
03.20.20 | 41m
S2 E17 - one year later
Everyone reflects on their lives on the one-year anniversary of Jon's death.
03.13.20 | 42m
S2 E16 - change of plans
Katherine speaks her mind at work.
03.06.20 | 41m
S2 E15 - the lunch
Gary accidentally crashes Maggie's date.
02.28.20 | 42m
S2 E14 - the sleepover
Maggie turns to a friend for support.
02.21.20 | 42m
S2 E13 - daisy
Delilah and Sophie come together during a family emergency.
02.14.20 | 42m
S2 E12 - guilty
Gary confronts his past.
02.07.20 | 42m
S2 E11 - we're the howards
Rome and Regina help Delilah with a troubled Sophie.
01.31.20 | 42m
S2 E10 - the kiss
Tensions flare as the gang gathers for the opening night of Danny's play.
01.24.20 | 43m
S2 E9 - time stands still
The life-altering fall finale.
11.22.19 | 43m
S2 E8 - goodnight
The group comes together after a devastating loss.
11.15.19 | 41m
S2 E7 - ten years
Theo's 10th birthday masks swirling drama.
11.08.19 | 42m
S2 E6 - unleashed
Gary searches the city after Maggie accidentally lets Colin out.
11.01.19 | 43m
S2 E5 - austin
Eddie and Katherine look for a fresh start.
10.25.19 | 42m
S2 E4 - the perfect storm
Maggie learns Eric's true identity.
10.18.19 | 43m
S2 E3 - mixed signals
Rome meets with an old producer friend.
10.11.19 | 42m
S2 E2 - grand canyon
Eddie tries to keep Theo distracted.
10.04.19 | 42m
S2 E1 - coming home
Rome and Regina continue to be at odds.
09.27.19 | 41m