Regina King Wins a 2015 Primetime Emmy Award

Regina King Wins a 2015 Primetime Emmy Award

Congratulations to Regina King for her big Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited Series as Aliyah Shadeed in American Crime!

WATCH: Aliyah Plans to Protest

Determined to help Carter, Aliyah (King) announces she will be leading a peaceful protest in support of her brother.

Aliyah Plans to Protest|We're going to gather here and assemble anyway.|Determined to help her brother, Aliyah speaks to a reporter and announces she is planning to assemble a peaceful protest for Carter, despite the naysayers. Watch this scene from American Crime Season 1 Episode 7, "Episode Seven."

Ms. King's affecting portrayal of Aliyah was definitely one of the many highlights of the series. As a religious woman determined to save her brother, Carter Nix, she was strong and bold and heartbreaking. Her brother is unfortunately addicted to both drugs and his destructive relationship with Aubry Taylor, but Aliyah never gives up. 

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WATCH: Aliyah and Ruth Meet Again

When Aubry's parents pass Aliyah in the waiting room, Ruth stops to look at Aliyah. Aliyah embraces her and Aliyah speaks in Arabic while the women cry on one another's shoulder. 

Congrats again, Ms. King! Very well deserved.

Can’t get enough of American Crime? Stay tuned for Season 2 on ABC! 


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