American Idol 2019 Week 3 Recap: Watch Audition Videos & Highlights

American Idol 2019 Week 3 Recap: Watch Audition Videos & Highlights

As auditions wrap up, American Idol Episode 4 and Episode 5 are full of incredible moments, including the return of a Top 24 contestant from last season, a performance that Katy Perry shares as one of her favorite voices she has ever heard, and an audition that makes Luke Bryan drop to the floor. For a quick recap of week 3, here are highlights you won't want to miss!

1. My Sauce

Last season's Top 24 contestant Alyssa Raghu returns and the judges are pretty darn happy about it!

2. Did Luke Find His Trevor?

While all three judges are in awe of Katie Belle's beauty, Luke may have found his Trevor, according to Katy. 

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3. "One of My Favorite Voices"

"Literally, one of my favorite voices that I've ever heard in my life," Katy declares about Evelyn Cormier, after she performs Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" for the judges.

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4. Robot Check

16-year-old Peach Martine strives for excellence in everything she does and the judges think she could be a legit robot. Katy even looks for proof.

5. Lady in Disguise

 The judges are in for a real surprise as Lady Mapo reveals her true identity. 

6. Tongue Tied

Week 3 is proving to be a lucky one as it looks like Katy has also found her Trevor this season. 

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