American Idol 2020 Top 20 Recap: Performances That Will Determine The Top 10

American Idol 2020 Top 20 Recap: Performances That Will Determine The Top 10

Coming from locations all across North America, American Idol presents 2020's Top 20! Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan will provide their commentary and guidance from a distance as host Ryan Seacrest serves as the point person connecting us all. And, of course, mentor Bobby Bones will provide some insight as well. This episode is vital, and intriguing, as we see what the contestants will do to spruce up their home performance spaces and if they can deliver the same magic that got them this far -- and possibly into the Top 10.

Ryan opens the show by welcoming Katy (who is dressed as a package of "music sanitizer"), Lionel, and Luke from their locations and does a brief check-in. Katy shares a bit of her experience being pregnant for the first time during this unique time, Luke is excited to finally get to hear all the contestants again in this unconventional setting, and Lionel says this will be the best test ever for them as their light and personality will be on display without the glitz and glamour.

Kimmy Gabriela
Song: "Leave Me Lonely" by Ariana Grande feat. Macy Gray
Judges' Comments: Katy says she didn't recognize her at first and likes that Kimmy is evolving as an artist from a presentation perspective. Luke thinks she did a great job and compliments the way she navigates notes. Lionel commends her on taking her performance and emoting to the next level.

Jovin Webb
Song: "With A Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Crocker
Judges' Comments: Luke says the most important thing to do as a singer is to be able to stop people in their tracks, which Jovin can do. Lionel says he delivered on the "bbq sauce". Katy says everyone gets the same equipment but Jovin managed to set himself apart with this performance.

Franklin Boone
Song: "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears for Fears
Judges' Comments: Lionel loves how he delivered the song, with some attitude but very on point for who he is. Katy says you can feel Franklin's "It Factor." Luke had "chill bumps" throughout the whole performance, which was enhanced for him by Franklin's family being in the background.

Olivia Ximines
Song: "bad guy" by Billie Eilish
Judges' Comments: Katy loved that she got to hear how the quality of Olivia's voice has grown. Luke loves how she always brings a show. Lionel says she has everything to be a superstar.

Louis Knight
Song: "If The World Was Ending" by JP Saxe feat. Julia Michaels
Judges' Comments: Luke thought it was a great song choice that gave them a glimpse into who Louis would be as an artist. Lionel loved the performance and said the cry in his voice was perfect. Katy dug his inflections but gives the tip to watch out for singing too much in his nose.

Makayla Phillips
Song: "Greedy" by Ariana Grande
Judges' Comments: Lionel says she's grown a lot and loved the performance. Katy thought Makayla looked really natural playing to the camera but wants her to push herself on song choice. Luke loves the youthfulness of the number and reminds her to put a bit more showmanship into the big notes she hits since she can do difficult things vocally with ease.

Aliana Jester
Song: "Run To You" by Whitney Houston
Judges' Comments: Katy loves the dynamics she delivered. Luke got "chill bumps" from the second Aliana started singing. Lionel says not many people can not only pull off a Whitney song, but make it their own and he's very proud of her.

Faith Bechnel
Song: "River" by Bishop Briggs
Judges' Comments: Lionel gives the tip to look directly in the camera while singing commanding lines but otherwise he loved it. Luke says "Little Miss Personality showed us that she can hit some big time notes." Katy is impressed at Faith's ability to nail big notes and control her vibrato after all the notes she'd gotten previously.

Nick Merico
Song: "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's
Judges' Comments: Lionel loved the performance. Luke wanted to hear him dig in more but loved that he delivered a piano moment. Katy liked she got to hear the subtleties of Nick's voice and thought it was one of his better performances.

Lauren Spencer-Smith
Song: "Mamma Knows Best" by Jessie J
Judges' Comments: Katy says Lauren's star power has grown. Luke says her voice just gets better and better. Lionel calls her growth "unbelievable" and felt that she felt her song.

Cyniah Elise
Song: "Warrior" by Demi Lovato
Judges' Comments: Luke says it was a great song choice and the sky is the limit for Cyniah. Lionel says she makes it look effortless and she has a "voice of life." Katy can see her evolving as an artist and tells her to work the camera like she works the mirror at home when she's practicing.

Francisco Martin
Song: "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry
Judges' Comments: Katy commends Francisco's courage to do her song - she thinks it was a risk that paid off. Luke was nervous for him initially, hoping he wouldn't mess up a Katy song, but said he has the magic. Lionel says Francisco took a chance and successfully turned it into his song.

Sophia James (formerly Sophia Wackerman)
Song: "Burning" by Maggie Rogers
Judges' Comments: Katy said it was very pleasing to hear. Luke says she's "sneaky good" but gives the note to make sure to connect throughout the performance while playing piano. Lionel says Sophia could melt hearts when she looks into the camera.

Dewayne Crocker Jr.
Song: "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown
Judges' Comments: Luke was very impressed by Dewayne's run at the end and showed his skills, but he expects more vocal grit when someone sings this song. Lionel agrees with Luke about the run and that it made up for having a cleaner sound. Katy wanted it to be grittier but was entertained.

Dillon James
Song: "Let It Be Me" by Ray LaMontagne
Judges' Comments: Lionel says he looks like a world class artist. Luke says Dillon should go write his songs and make the music he wants to make. Katy agrees that his dreams are in his hands and thinks his future is bright.

Arthur Gunn
Song: "Lovin' Machine" by Wynonie Harris
Judges' Comments: Katy says Arthur was giving "a vibe" from the beginning of the performance and reminds him to look in the camera. Lionel says that his shyness is a secret weapon as he draws the audience in and then shines. Luke says his vocal quality and natural ability is undeniable and, once he realizes the star he can be, it'll be huge.

Julia Gargano
Song: "Human" by Christina Perri
Judges' Comments: Luke loves hearing the nuances in everyone's voices tonight and he can hear how truly great she is. Lionel says Julia is not just a singer but a stylist, and stylists make careers. Katy says she checks all the boxes and congratulates her on delivering a great performance.

Grace Leer
Song: "Cry" by Faith Hill
Judges' Comments: Lionel says they're not finding singers, they're discovering true artists and he felt every bit of Grace's performance. Katy loved how big it got at the end and loved her dynamics. Luke said she didn't quite own it from the beginning but it really locked in halfway through.

Just Sam
Song: "I Believe" by Fantasia
Judges' Comments: Katy says they're excited to see Sam flourish. Luke says she owns every aspect of her range and she's grown in confidence. Lionel says if there's ever been an inspirational figure in the group, it's her and it's a pleasure to watch.

Jonny West
Song: "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong
Judges' Comments: Luke says Jonny can take his career wherever he wants to take it and tells him not to stop his music journey no matter what happens. Lionel says he has a vocal and musical chops arsenal - he has it all. Katy thinks it was moving and emotional and playing from home works in his advantage, to be able to hear all his musical subtleties.

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