American Idol 2020 Episode 3 Recap: Auditions from Courtney Timmons, Dillon James, Shannon Gibbons & More

American Idol 2020 Episode 3 Recap: Auditions from Courtney Timmons, Dillon James, Shannon Gibbons & More

The auditions roll along in Week 3 of American Idol with more amazing moments, more amazing voices, and an absolute first -- a contestant found by host Ryan Seacrest! Judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan continue to hand out Golden Tickets in search of the next generation of superstars with mentor Bobby Bones to help foster all this incredible talent. Did Ryan find the next Idol in Courtney Timmons? Which contestant got the judges to sing along with them? Who made Luke cry? Let's find out!

Kimmy Gabriela - 17, Lakeland, FL

Her dad was a famous musician when he was younger and that has inspired Kimmy to follow in his footsteps. She sings "Let's Hurt Tonight" by OneRepublic and Luke has a big smile on his face when she's done. When Kimmy mentions her Dominican and Venezuelan parents, Katy wants her to sing in Spanish so she does a bit of "Alguien" by Kany Garcia a cappella.  Luke was in from her very first note. Katie thinks she's Top 10 material and throws the Golden Ticket at her. Lionel agrees she's Top 10 material — he wrote down "star" in his notes.

Amelia - 23, Phoenix, AZ and Erin Kirby - 16, Jasper, GA and Jordan Jones - 26, Scottsdale, AZ

Our next three contestants are shown in a bit of a combo package. Amelia plays piano and sings "Yesterday" by The Beatles, Erin plays guitar for her take on "Who U R" by Jessie J, and Jordan tickles the ivories for his take on "Lovesong" by The Cure/Adele. Also three are complimented on their talent and are going to Hollywood. As a bonus, Jordan proposes to his girlfriend after getting his Ticket (she said yes!).

Lauren Mascitti - 27, Nashville, TN

Lauren comes in with her fiancé Shawn Camp, a professional songwriter who's written a lot of hits and knows Luke, for support. Lauren is a songwriter who was raised by her grandparents who encouraged her gift from a young age. She sings an original written with her friend Renee Martin called "If I Can Lose You". Lionel calls it a great song and that he loves storytellers, which she is. Katy loves the feeling and emotion in in her voice. Laura kinda reminds Luke of Laci Kaye Booth. She gets unanimous yeses.

Ryan Harmon - 23, Lamar, AR

Podcast host Ryan charms the judges with his personality before singing an original called "I Knew This Would Happen".  Luke is impressed that he's writing quality songs by himself in Arkansas. Ryan says he put aside his dream to move to Nashville. Katy says he's got excellent potential and is a few years out from being big. Lionel says to trust himself to move to Nashville. Luke reiterates that Ryan's got the goods to make it. They all vote a "optimistic no" because they believe in his talent.

Courtney Timmons - 22, Harris Neck, GA

Courtney comes in without a number, escorted by Ryan Seacrest. He was walking down the street and found her waiting for an opportunity to audition, despite it not being an open call currently. Ryan asks if she can audition and, after discussing her tenacity, the judges agree. She sings "Rise Up" by Andra Day. Katy saw her sitting outside and didn't realize she could sing. Lionel corrects her and says Courtney can "sang".  When Katy says they're sending her to Hollywood, Ryan starts crying and says he feels like a proud parent. Ryan and Katy both shed tears as Courtney gets her ticket and, after all is said and done, she gets to call her dad and tell him the good news.

Lauren Spencer-Smith - 16, Vancouver Island, Canada

A high school student, Lauren feels like a very little girl with a huge dream. After singing Pink's "What About Us", Luke was at a loss for words initially. Lionel says she is wise and gifted beyond her age and could really make a mark on the show. Luke says she has an intriguing tone and Katy adds that she may be 16, but her voice is 1,00 years old. Katy says she's got a Leona Lewis vibe but is still very much herself. She gets three yeses and a Golden Ticket.

Dewayne Crocker Jr. - 23, Pensecola, FL

He brought his Great Grandmother who is wearing 6-inch heels and a leopard print dress and very much wants to meet Lionel. A preacher's kid who grew up to be a worship leader. He performs a very original take "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. Lionel likes the timbre of his voice but believes he needs to work on presentation, but has potential. Katy wants him to emotionally connect. He gets three yeses and is off to Hollywood. Great Grandmother says if it wasn't for "Lady", Dewayne wouldn't be there.

Rory John

Rory's segment is a bit truncated but we do get to see an impressive display of piano skills as he sings and plays "Angry Young Man" by Billy Joel, complete with Katy hovering around to watch him play the more difficult parts. Luke acknowledges his skill but doesn't think his voice is there yet. Lionel agrees, saying he wants to hear more of Rory. It's a no from all three judges this time around.

Dillon James - 26, Bakersfield, CA

A construction worker, Dillon's got a lot of tattoos that he's picked up through his life and his journey to sobriety. He sings "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan. Luke loves the emotion he has in his voice, saying it has a Chris Isaac flavor. Lionel believes in the path he was able to walk vocally. Katy asks about keeping clear on his path and he says he can do it. That seals his unanimous Golden Ticket.

Geena - 27, Los Angeles, CA

A big Katy Perry fan, Geena has gone to a lot of her concerts and is one of her biggest influences (including her bright audition outfit). Singing an original called "Don't Want You Back", Geena gets the judges to sing along and some lovely harmonies happen. Luke says the chorus is a little safe but the verses are strong. Lionel appreciates the strength of her hook. She gets three yeses and is off to Hollywood.

Jared Lettow - 26, Santa Barbara, CA

An engineer by trade, Jared always runs into some confusion since his name sounds like the famous actor's, but he makes the most out of it with some jokes. He showcases his very specific vocal skills in an original song called "California Yodeler". He is a self-taught yodeler, in fact. After an impromptu yodel lesson, the judges all think what he can do definitely takes skill but don't it's quite right for Idol.

Shannon Gibbons - 20, Long Island, NY

She grew up watching Idol with her family and would stand up on the table and perform for them as a child. Shannon opens up about her issues with depression, even as a kid, and how much her life has improved since seeking treatment.  She feels like she's on the right path now. Singing "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James, Katy says she's not letting anyone else through unless they sound like Shannon. All the judges are all in and Shannon is off to Hollywood.

Isaiah Grass - 29, Aiken, SC

An influencer and model, Isaiah chooses A-Ha's "Take On Me (Live from MTV Unplugged)" as his audition piece. The judges get involved a bit by singing along with the choruses (and Luke flaps his arms for reasons). Katy says he has a lot of range but thinks his more musical theater than Idol. Isaiah offers to do "The House of The Rising Sun" by the Animals. That seals it for Lionel, who thinks he's got an amazing range but this is not the right stage for Isaiah. It's a no from all the judges but they believe he has a chance in the theater world.

Genavieve Linkowski - 20, MI

Genavieve is back from two years ago, having been eliminated during the Hollywood round. The delay in returning was due to her sister Corrine passing away in a car accident last year. As they sang and harmonized together so much, she lost her drive to perform. She sings "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" by Michael Bolton for her audition. Katy felt her performance through and through. Lionel loved the performance and thinks she'll go much further than last time. She gets her unanimous Golden Ticket and Luke got a bit misty-eyed.

With that very touching audition, this episode has come to a close. We're a step closer to Season 3's Hollywood Week but there's so much more to come! American Idol Season 3 auditions continue next week and who knows what surprises are in store! So gather some friends, round up your family and come back SUNDAYS 8|7c on ABC to see who makes their mark.

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