American Idol 2020: Grace Leer Secures Spot In The Top 20

American Idol 2020: Grace Leer Secures Spot In The Top 20

In order to get to know this year's American Idol Top 21, the two-part retrospective titled "This Is Me" chronicled each contestant's journey and included some never-before-seen performance footage. Part 2 also delivered the results of the first America's vote of the season. Has Lauren Mascitti or Grace Leer made the Top 20?

Narrowing down the Top 40 to a Top 20 was not easy for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, which is what led to this unique situation -- a first in Idol history. The vote would based on Grace and Lauren's final Hawaii performances.

Host Ryan Seacrest led us through these special in-depth looks at the singers' lives leading up to and through being selected for the Top 21. He then contacted Lauren and Grace via video to their respective homes. After a brief chat to check in with each in these unconventional times, it was time to hear the results and see who would continue on. Right before Ryan reads the results, Lauren tells Grace she loves her and Graces responds in kind.

Grace, who had begun her journey way back as a contestant on American Juniors, has been voted into the Top 20. She tells Lauren she wishes she could hug her and vows to make Country music proud.

Now that the Top 20 is set, get ready to vote for your favorite contestants every week! Tune in SUNDAY at 8|7c on ABC as your Top 20 performs from home all around the country (and one in Canada!) in hopes of becoming the next American Idol.

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