"American Idol" Top 12 Gets the Judges Involved

"American Idol" Top 12 Gets the Judges Involved

Having calculated all the votes from Sunday's "American Idol", tonight's live results are going to work a little differently. Host Ryan Seacrest will walk us through the changes while judges Katy Perry Lionel Richie, and legendary performer and iconic OG Idol judge Paula Abdul (subbing in for Luke Bryan) take a more hands-on approach to the Top 12.

And what is this hands-on approach? The Top 12 will comprise of a Top 10 determined by votes and the last two spots will be chosen by the judges based on the performances of the Bottom Five tonight. When each contestant is called up, their fate is revealed and then they must sing immediately after. They will get comments from the judges before taking their seats in the socially distanced "Victory Zone" or "Danger Zone."

Who made America's Top 10? Who will get the two judges' saves? Let's break it down!

At the top of the show, Ryan reveals that Wyatt Pike is no longer in the competition. We hope he's doing well and look forward to seeing him in the future!

By the end of the episode, Casey Bishop, Deshawn Goncalves, Cassandra Coleman, Caleb Kennedy, Ava August, Chayce Beckham, Alyssa Wray, Willie Spence, Grace Kinstler, and Hunter Metts all made it to the Victory Zone.

Seated in the Danger Zone are Colin Jamieson, Madison Watkins, Beane, Alanis Sophia, and Graham Defranco. After a quick commercial break while the judges deliberated, Lionel revealed that Madison had received the first save and Katy revealed Beane has the second. That means Colin, Graham, and Alanis are going home.

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