season 6

Ensemble drama centering on the lives of a group of military spouses living on a U.S. Army base.

S6 E1 - Winds of War
Roxy struggles with moving away from her friends.
03.05.2012 | 41m
S6 E2 - Perchance to Dream
In the aftermath of the hurricane, one Army Wife fights for her life.
03.05.2012 | 42m
S6 E3 - The Best of Friends
Trevor has a difficult time adjusting to houseguests.
03.12.2012 | 42m
S6 E4 - Learning Curve
Roland has a unique opportunity.
03.19.2012 | 42m
S6 E5 - True Colors
Gen. Clarke chastises Joan for not combining fast enough.
03.27.2012 | 42m
S6 E6 - Viral
Claudia Joy's distaste for Jackie effects her relationship with Denise.
04.02.2012 | 42m
S6 E7 - System Failure
Claudia Joy experiences complications related to her diabetes.
04.09.2012 | 42m
S6 E8 - Casualties
Roland learns that Charlie is in a relationship.
04.16.2012 | 42m
S6 E9 - Non-Combatants
The group must organize a memorial service.
04.23.2012 | 42m
S6 E10 - After Action Report
Denise worries about Frank; Jackie feels overwhelmed.
04.30.2012 | 41m
S6 E11 - Fallout
Roland meets a man claiming to be David's biological father.
05.07.2012 | 42m
S6 E12 - Blood Relative
Roland and Joan discuss legal issues; Roxy has good news.
05.14.2012 | 42m
S6 E13 - General Complications
Frank questions his resolve; Hector and Gloria fight.
05.21.2012 | 42m
S6 E14 - Fatal Reaction
Claudia Joy recovers from surgery.
06.25.2012 | 42m
S6 E15 - Tough Love
Trevor's friend comes to Fort Marshall.
07.02.2012 | 42m
S6 E16 - Battle Scars
Claudia Joy helps retired veterans with their legal troubles.
07.10.2012 | 42m
S6 E17 - Hello, Stranger
Jackie's daughter visits from boarding school.
07.16.2012 | 41m
S6 E18 - Baby Steps
Trevor and Roxy argue over his Army career.
07.23.2012 | 42m
S6 E19 - Centennial
Fort Marshall welcomes military dignitaries for its centennial celebration.
08.06.2012 | 42m
S6 E20 - The War At Home
The group deals with the fallout from the Centennial celebration.
08.13.2012 | 42m
S6 E21 - Handicap
Kevin returns home and takes his frustration out on Jackie.
08.20.2012 | 42m
S6 E22 - Domestic Maneuvers
Roxy and Trevor prepare for a new future; Roland and Joan argue.
08.27.2012 | 42m
S6 E23 - Onward
The group learns that Fort Marshall is merging with an air force base.
09.10.2012 | 42m