Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Josh Murray and Nick Viall Battle It Out Again

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers: Josh Murray and Nick Viall Battle It Out Again

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 is coming in hot and heavy! Need Bachelor in Paradise spoilers? You're in the right place. The second week on the beaches of Mexico did not disappoint for the settled in cast. After saying good-bye to a certain protein-loving suitor, the group focused in on making some strong connections. Love seemed to be blossoming for at least one couple until a notorious arrival created some serious motion in the ocean. Here is a recap of all the action from Season 3, Episode 2.

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Bye, Chad

No one threatens Chris Harrison and gets away with it. As expected, it is hard to get Chad Johnson to leave Paradise and he certainly doesn't go quietly. He thinks his exile from Paradise means saying goodbye to dreams of becoming The Bachelor. After blaming his bad behavior on the alcohol, Chad accepts everyone just wasn't "vibing his meat taste" and it looks like he is finally gone for good. Just after his exit Leah, a beautiful, blonde, bachelorette arrives with a date card and one man in mind - Chad. Talk about bad timing! 

Love Triangle Alert!

Leah makes the rounds trying to find the proper man to take on her date meant for Chad and settles on Bachelorette vet Nick Viall. He accepts and the two exchange flirty kisses. Leah is smitten with the handsome bachelor. However, when Nick gets a date card of his own and gives it to Amanda all bets are off. Leah is intimidated by Amanda and it shows. The rollercoaster of emotions is almost too much for Leah to handle.

Fireworks and Butterflies

Connections begin to form quickly back at the house and are getting more complex, causing trouble for some in Paradise. Carly is intrigued by Evan but needs him to man up. They finally kiss and both couldn't feel differently about it. For Evan the lip lock is something movies are made of with fireworks and butterflies. For Carly it's the worst kiss she has ever had. Despite that, there is still something about Evan she wants to explore. Lace and Grant start really hitting it off and her past with Chad doesn't bother him. The two share a steamy makeout session in the ocean followed by a sexy sleepover.

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Tensions run high as the first rose ceremony of Season 3 quickly approaches and none of the women feel their rose is guaranteed. Ultimately, Jubilee and Leah are the two bachelorettes sent home. This ends their journey to finding love in Paradise.

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Josh Murray Arrives in Paradise

Notorious bachelor Josh Murray arrives in Paradise with welcome swoons from the women and intimidating groans from the other men, especially his nemesis Nick Viall. The two bachelors have a heated past and a history of dating the same woman, specifically Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette Season 10. When Josh instantly sets his sights on Amanda, the only woman Nick has connected with so far; one can't help but wonder if Nick will once again lose the girl to Josh. His presence in Paradise really annoys Nick. When Josh and Amanda return from their date and can't keep their hands off each other, he is pushed to the brink. Nick just can't seem to catch a break with this guy and is afraid his time in Paradise is nearing its end.

Things Get Spicy

Carly is still getting over her cringeworthy first kiss with Evan, when he asks her on a date. To make matters worse, the pair is asked to attempt to break a world record for hottest kiss. Carly is miserable but Evan still has the love goggles on. Carly can't do this anymore. It is time to break up with the erectile dysfunction specialist. 

How will Evan take the news? Can Nick and Josh somehow be friends? Find out when the drama continues next on all new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise MONDAYS and TUESDAYS 8|7c on ABC.

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