Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Recap: The First Rose Ceremony

Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Recap: The First Rose Ceremony

Sometimes the world is crazy, and we must take comfort in the few constants we can hold onto. And as Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, and drama popping off in Paradise." When Bachelor in Paradise 2018 left off last week, the "Goose Gang" was pulling Colton aside to challenge him on his intentions in Paradise, and this week, a couple HUGE twists from one bachelorette and one Bachelor Nation alumna toss Paradise in a cocktail shaker and mix it up big time. You can watch Bachelor in Paradise 2018: Week 2, Part 1 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for this week's highlights!

The Goose Gang Strikes

As we mentioned, the Goose Gang—Chris (the Goose himself), Jordan, and Nick—were confronting Colton to the tune of "The Right Reasons." Would Colton back down? Let's find out:

So on the one hand, Colton and Tia are both considering the matter settled. On the other hand, they are nowhere near being on the same page. And beyond that, the guys are now wondering if Colton is still in love with Becca.

Connections Continue

Kenny gets a date card and invites Krystal, much to Kevin's disappointment. Jordan sets up a dinner on the beach for Annaliese, and David continues their feud by pulling her aside to warn her about Jordan. With Krystal off on a date, Kevin gets back in the game and finds a spark with Astrid. Tia is excited for Colton...but as she chats with the other ladies, the realizes that he hasn't really changed his behavior. She pulls him aside before the Rose Ceremony and finds that, yes, to basically no one but Tia's surprise, Colton is there to explore relationships, and that means not just Tia. She more or less gives him an ultimatum:

The Rose Ceremony

Many of the roses aren't big surprises or upsets. Here's the list of those:

Krystal --> Kenny

Astrid --> Kevin

Tia --> Chris

Kendall --> Joe

Annaliese --> Jordan

Nysha --> Eric

Chelsea --> David

Basically, it's not looking good for Colton. Watch the rest of the proceedings:

While he may not have the same cachet as a founding father, we shall quote the venerable Colton Underwood here: "What just happened?" Good question, Colton. And no one seems to have much of an answer.

For those of you keeping score, Nick and Wills were sent home.

The Dramatic Return of Becca

The next morning, Chris Harrison rolls out onto the beach, which usually means more curveballs are coming. Keeping the suspense high, he says there's a new visitor—but only for the ladies. He sends the guys down the beach, but Kenny sneaks back toward the palapa and finds that Becca has arrived! The ladies are happy to see an old friend, but Colton just about loses his MIND. 

It turns out that at least some of Colton's indecisiveness stems from the fact that he's not over Becca. And being confronted with her again does not do him any favors:

Will Colton recover...or is he about to leave on his own? You'll have to tune in TUESDAY 8|7c for Bachelor in Paradise Week 2, Part 2!

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