Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Recap: New Arrivals Change the Game

Bachelor in Paradise 2018 Recap: New Arrivals Change the Game

Welcome, Bachelor Nation, to your recap for Bachelor in Paradise 2018! When we left off last night at the end of Bachelor in Paradise 2018: Week 2, Part 1, our emotional bachelor Colton was in the middle of a full-fledged breakdown after seeing Becca arrive in Paradise. We'll take your through that emotional reunion, as well as strap you into the emotional rollercoaster that ensues when three new ladies arrive in Paradise and start shaking and breaking some of the existing relationships on the beach. You can watch Bachelor in Paradise Week 2, Part 2 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for this week's highlights!

Colton Can't Take It...Or Can He?

Judging by Colton's prolific tear-making capabilities when he see Becca in Paradise, we feel pretty comfortable saying that he's not over her yet. (Here's Colton's reaction to Becca's arrival, in case you missed it.) He can't even bear to see her on the beach, so he's even more terrified when she inevitably wants to talk to him. After Becca gives him some answers and some closure on their relationships, she segues into a pep talk that gives Colton a turnaround that's nothing short of miraculous:

Chris (or The Goose, as he is known around Paradise), of course, is not thrilled that Colton's going to stick it out. He thinks Colton is too unstable to be here, oh, and also it might have something to do with the fact that Chris is trying to build something with Tia and doesn't want competition from one of her old flames.

New Arrivals Shake up Paradise

Speaking of competition, three new ladies show up in Paradise this week and immediately begin to change the existing couple and budding connections on the beach. The first new arrival is Jenna, who shows up full of energy, date card in hand, and immediately catches Jordan's eye. That's unpleasant news to Annaliese, who gave Jordan her rose last week, and has been feeling like they're growing closer and becoming a strong couple. When Jenna invites Jordan on the date, he enthusiastically says yes, leaving Annaliese wondering where she stands. Well, lucky girl that she is, she gets an answer as soon as Jordan comes back from the date:

On one hand, it's hard not to be excited for Jordan, because that dude was just flat-out googly-eyed from the moment Jenna walked into Paradise. On the other hand, I don't think anyone who's basically getting dumped would be happy to hear this:

Props for honesty, but that came out like a dagger through Annaliese's heart—and leaves her without a strong connection in Paradise.

The second arrival was Caroline, who took a liking to John upon her arrival. Their one-on-one date went pretty well, and Caroline was really digging the brainy John despite the fact that she usually dates jock types. Her bliss was short-lived, however, because in the morning, John made a good impression on the third arrival, Jubilee, who took him on his second one-on-one date in two days. When they come back, it's clear they had a great time, and now Caroline is left without a strong partner in Paradise.

Tia: Drama Magnet

Oh, Tia, you sweet summer child. Is it you? Is it bad luck? Either way, Tia can't seem to help ending up in the middle of some crazy relationship drama. After moving on from the whole Colton thing and working to solidify things with Chris, she finds herself embroiled in more controversy. Kenny and Krystal have been hanging out a lot lately, but when Kenny tells Krystal he wants to take things to the next level, Krystal says she's not ready. Knowing that she's now unlikely to get Kenny's rose, she finds a new target for her affections: Chris.

The Goose, as it turns out, is quite willing, and in the same conversation, they end up kissing. 

In the morning, the rumor mill starts turning. Chris tells Kevin he kissed Tia. Kevin tells Colton. Colton tells Tia, who is not pleased.

Meanwhile, Chris has flipped a switch. Just yesterday he was telling Tia he was there for her and wanted to be her rock, and they're going to build a relationship together. Today, he has hatched a plan to kiss four girls in one night, because he has "the power"—the rose. Chris and Jordan then have a crazy conversation about food and ladies and mating calls and somehow it all relates to being in the "South Hemisphere." (Which, by the way, they are not.) Anyway, behold the madness:

The end result of this whole thing is that Tia ain't having it: "It's time to cook the [bleep]ing Goose." Her exact preparation method, however, will remain a mystery until next week...tune in MONDAYS & TUESDAYS 8|7c to see more Bachelor in Paradise.

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