Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 2, Part 1 Recap: Mike & Jordan's Arrivals Stir Up Drama

Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 2, Part 1 Recap: Mike & Jordan's Arrivals Stir Up Drama

Welcome to Week 2 in Paradise! With drama swirling around him, Blake decided he was going to start pursuing Hannah G., and with the first Rose Ceremony of Bachelor In Paradise ready to begin, we'll see if that's truly the case. The episode starts right in with the ceremony, so obviously, SPOILERS FOLLOW. Watch Bachelor In Paradise Week 2, Part 1 right here on or in the ABC app, or read on for the highlights!

The Rose Ceremony

Finally, the tensions of the first week will be resolved in Bachelor fashion, which is to say, with roses and tears and probably some very upset people. Here's where the roses went:

Derek --> Demi

Clay --> Nicole 

Wills --> Katie

Kevin --> Sydney

John Paul Jones --> Onyeka

Cam --> Caelynn

Dylan --> Hannah

Blake --> Tayshia

Chris --> Kristina

Those last two caused a bit of turmoil, as Tayshia accepted Blake's rose, but was reluctant to say anything more than "Sure" when he asked. Later, when explaining what it meant to receive his rose, she said:

Sooooo...not a love connection, is what we're hearing?

And Annaliese—who joined Bibiana and Jane as the three ladies sent home this week—was completely shocked when Chris opted to take a flier on Kristina with his rose. She thought they had a strong connection, but as her breakup last season with Kamil proved, she's been wrong before. 

New Arrivals: Jordan Kimball and Mike Johnson

As always, with a new week comes new blood pouring into Paradise. First up was Paradise alum Jordan Kimball, the self-declared "Mayor of Paradise," who never passes up an opportunity to call it "my beach." Jordan comes in and wants to get the breakdown on what he's missed, what he needs to know, etc., and perhaps unsurprisingly, one name keeps popping up: Blake. Jordan can't believe it, and doesn't like it:

He ends up taking Nicole on the date, and it goes well...but after the date, she tells Clay there's no comparison to their connection. So it seems Jordan will have to keep searching.

When Mike Johnson arrives, there's quite a bit of fanfare. The ladies are excited, and the guys...well, maybe not so much:

To confirm Cam's fears, Mike asks Caelynn on a date, and it seems to go quite well, meaning Cam's in trouble heading into tomorrow night.  

Momentum Isn't Always Easy

Wills has had some trouble finding a match in Paradise thus far, and decides to be proactive about it with Katie. He says he's enjoyed his time with her in Paradise, and he really likes that she's always herself and he likes what he sees, saying she's a special girl. And then this happens:

Definitely not what Wills was expecting there, that's for sure. So who exactly is Katie talking about? Turns out it's Chris, the grizzled vet of the palapa. The good news for Katie is that Chris feels the same, so it seems another strong couple might be forming.

When you think strong couple in Paradise, you might think Dylan and Hannah. Those two have been largely inseparable so far, with Hannah even telling Wills last week not to waste his rose on her because she's looking to explore her relationship with Dylan further. But as you may recall, Blake wants to pursue Hannah too. And when Blake gets some time with Hannah, he makes the most of it, dancing with her and kissing her on the beach. 

But when all this is going down, it's basically in full view of everyone—including Dylan. Goaded by the rest of the group, Dylan decides to confront them out there on the beach:

So where does that leave us? According to this sneak peek of Tuesday's episode, it looks like the Battle for Hannah will be in full swing:

Hannah and Blake have a history before the show too?!? It never ends. Which is awesome for all of us, eh?

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