Bachelor in Paradise Premiere Part 2 Recap: Tantric Yoga & More Tears

Bachelor in Paradise Premiere Part 2 Recap: Tantric Yoga & More Tears

Worried that there wasn’t enough drama in Part 1 of the Bachelor in Paradise Premiere? We didn’t think so. Part 2 continued to meet our standards with a second night of pure TV bliss.

The show picked back up with Clare Crawley and her new, positive attitude on love. She started out with high hopes for Dan, but Ashley S seemed to win him over on a date to the hospital. Dan returned home with a much healthier Ashley S and the two have not separated since!

With a date card in hand, Clare set out to find a guy on the show that wasn’t already claimed. Mikey T boldly exclaimed to her that he was that guy, and Clare decided that she had no other choice. The two set off to do what everyone looks to do on a first-date island adventure: tantric yoga. 

Clare and Mikey Practice Tantric Yoga|They disagree on whether this is good for a first date.|Clare Crawley and Mikey Tenerelli show up for their mystery 1-on-1 date,a nd it turns out to be Tantric Yoga. Clare feels like it's a little much for a first date, but Mikey is all in, and relishes every minute of it. From Episode 2, Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

While it was a little awks for Clare, Mikey thought he nailed it. He just couldn’t stop talking about his attraction to Clare, even taking her “I don’t want to lead you on” conversation as an expression of interest. Bless his heart.

Some of the girls shed quite a few tears over the possibility of leaving the island (and by some of the girls, we mostly mean Ashley Iaconetti). But by the end of the week, it seemed that it would be Tenley Molzahn vs. Jillian Anderson in the race for the last rose. The secret weapon? JJ. Tenley put her game face on and puckered up to earn JJ’s affection. 

Tenley Gets Bold With JJ|Will it be enough to edge Jillian out of a rose?|Jillian Anderson is pretty sure she has JJ Lane's rose locked up for the week -- but that's before Tenley Molzahn gets bold. Tenley sits in JJ's lap and gives him permission to kiss her to see if any sparks fly. (He does, and they do.) Tenley can't believe she'd do something like that, but she's also quite pleased with the result. From Episode 2, Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

Come rose ceremony time, each guy chose their most obvious female counterparts (for this week, at least). While JJ struggled with his decision, in the end, Jillian was indeed sent home. 

Watch next week, as the ladies get their turn in the power seat, handing out roses to a too-large group of guys! 

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