Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Ashley I's Sister Leaves & 2 Men Join

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Ashley I's Sister Leaves & 2 Men Join

Yay, the rose ceremony from last week of Bachelor in Paradise is over! Time for everyone to solidify their relationships and be happy and relax a bit! Except that when the episode begins, Lauren is already crying. And then Ashley I. is arguing with her and getting pretty close to tears (we’re assuming). There’s no rest for the wicked in Paradise, and the Iaconetti girls are taking no time to get back to drama, with Lauren still wanting to go home, and Ashley wanting her to get herself an attitude adjustment.

Mistresses, on ABC

And the morning after, we find out why Lauren is so eager to leave: She has a boyfriend. The thing that makes this whole situation complicated is that her boyfriend has a girlfriend who is not her:


The only person Lauren really wanted to meet was Joshua Albers, from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. And lo and behold, who should arrive next, but Joshua Albers, from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season! He doesn’t seem all that into Lauren though, so she packs it up and leaves. Ashley feels lonely and isn’t sure what to do.

Joshua vs. JJ: The Tenley Battle Begins

Joshua likes Tenley Molzahn. She got JJ Lane’s rose last week, but JJ is not threatened by Joshua at all: 


JJ might need to step up his game.

Joe Arrives, Instantly Makes Enemies

Joshua wasn’t the only new arrival -- Joe Bailey, also from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, showed up in Paradise too. The guys talked him up as super funny and charming, but that wasn’t Clare Crawley’s experience:


On the bright side, that gave her time to reconnect with her friend the raccoon!

Connections Unraveling

Joe asked Juelia Kinney on his date, and she said yes. Jonathan Holloway gave her his rose last week, and has been busy trying to build his connection with Juelia, so he wasn’t thrilled at her excitement. Meanwhile, Joshua made a few comments and drugs and partying that people took notice of, and they told Tenley because that didn’t seem like something she was into. Dark clouds are gathering over the Joshua-Tenley connection.

Ditto the Joe-Juelia connection. Despite Juelia having a great time, it seems like Joe might just be using her for a rose:

Turns out Joe has his eye on someone else: Samantha from Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor. Lucky girl.

Can Jared's Date Card Blow Up Paradise?

And the drama doesn’t end there. Jared Haibon, hailed by many as the nicest guy in the house, blows up a few more relationships by asking Clare on a date after receiving a date card. That move upsets Ashley I., who has been falling in love with Jared, and Mikey Tenerelli, who has been falling in love with Clare:


How will this explosion get put back together? You’ll have to watch tonight to find out!

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