Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Samantha Breaks Up with Joe, JJ Leaves

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Samantha Breaks Up with Joe, JJ Leaves

Welcome back to Joe and Samantha Scheming in -- wait, sorry -- welcome back to your Bachelor in Paradise recap, where the fun continues on Week 4, Night 1 with Joe Bailey, Samantha Steffen and their whirlwind of drama. Neither of them are making a lot of friends in the house right now with their behavior. When we left off last week, Joe had just had a tense standoff with JJ Lane, as JJ was up in his face, basically daring him to fight.

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Joe walked away with JJ still challenging him as he left. Joe opened this episode by telling Jorge, the bartender, that JJ “was [his] bitch.” Which…uh…sure, that’s one way of reading that situation. (Another might be, “Yeah, not so much, Joe.”) Joe also basically tells Jorge that, yes, he has been plotting with Samantha. Joe also tells Sam that the drama is wearing him out and this whole thing is so hard, but Sam doesn’t seem too sympathetic or care much about Joe’s opinion. This is what we call "foreshadowing."

The Rose Ceremony: JJ Gets Crazy -- Twice

With Joe ready to give Samantha his rose, Juelia Kinney, whom Joe basically used to get a rose last week, was in jeopardy of going home. All the guys’ roses were pretty locked up, except for maybe JJ’s. He had a good time with Megan Bell on their 1-on-1 date, but he also didn’t seem too into her at this point. Would he save Juelia? Well, he decided to do something pretty unexpected by all: 

Raise your hand if you saw that coming. Okay, now: If you raised your hand, you are a liar. Congratulations.

So JJ’s giant curveball, saving Ashley Salter and then leaving the show, meant that only Dan Cox could save Juelia. But he has a budding relationship with Amber James, and he chose to save Amber. The result: Juelia, Megan, and Clare Crawley were headed home. With Juelia out, Joe and Sam were certain that the drama would be behind them.

The Rose Ceremony, Part 2: Mikey Returns

BUT WAIT! Juelia wasn’t headed home after all. Why? Because Mikey Tenerelli and the Bachelor producers:

Now that’s a curveball.

New Arrivals and Romance Blooms

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are adorable, guys. If for some reason you did not know that, please rewatch their endearing 1-on-1 date from this episode, as they took a trip to Tequila, Mexico, to visit a -- wait for it -- tequila distillery, and then just generally sit around being all lovey and cute with each other. They have a very serious conversation where they discuss their fears about each other, and they find that EACH OF THEM FEARS LOSING THE OTHER. So they officially become boyfriend and girlfriend, effectively making them even more adorable still.

There’s also a new arrival in Paradise: Nick Peterson, from Season 7 of The Bachelorette. Nick was also on Season 3 of Bachelor Pad, where he won $250,000 for deciding not to share the prize with his partner, Rachel Trueheart, who won $0 on the show as a result. So, you know, maybe keep an eye on this guy. Turns out Samantha already was: Nick told Mikey that he had been talking to Samantha via text and on the phone before the show. Yep, that means Samantha was talking to -- and setting up plans with -- two guys before she came on the show! So she might not be quite as innocent as she claims.

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She played it well though, because she turned down a date when he asked her. So for now she’s trying to minimize the Nick situation, but Joe still didn’t love the fact that they looked friendly. Nick went on his date with Ashley S., and they drank a metric ton of tequila, got massages, had some weird conversations, dealt with some even weirder situations, and generally had a great time. 

Jared and Ashley I.: Is this the End?

In a word, yes:

Ashley Iaconetti, of course, was crushed. And then she felt compelled to call Kaitlyn Bristowe to tell the reigning Bachelorette that she broke Jared Haibon and that he's "obsessed" with her. Sure, he's not yet over Kaitlyn, but obsessed feels a little extreme. Ashley still thinks Jared is the most perfect man in the world though.

Joe and Samantha: The Final Showdown

Joe, ruffled by the drama and the arrival of Nick, fears that his grasp on Samantha is weakening, and he wants to do something nice to win her back. So he throws himself a birthday party for just himself and Sam. Sam, however, takes the opportunity to blow out Joe’s candle:

Ouch. And on his birthday no less. So Sam basically blames Joe for all the drama, and walks off. Unfortunately for Joe, he made plenty of enemies in the house, and sympathy for his plight is relatively nonexistent. But he is ready to fight back to try to take Samantha out:

Will his plan to clear his name and ruin Samantha work? Tune in tonight to find out!

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