Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Samantha Sends Joe Home and Becomes the Villain

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Samantha Sends Joe Home and Becomes the Villain

If you’re reading a Bachelor in Paradise recap, you are probably well versed in the drama that is currently absorbing the cast in Paradise. There are a few relationships that have fizzled or are in the process of fizzling as of Week 5, Night 1, shaking up the house and making every new arrival even more exciting. You are also likely very familiar with the cloud of drama that’s been following Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen, and we’ll cover plenty of that here as well. So let’s get to it!

Chris Bukowski’s Poetry of Partying

If you watch the Bachelor franchise, you have probably seen Chris Bukowski. He’s been on The Bachelorette (almost twice when he showed up randomly on Andi’s season and asked to join), Bachelor Pad, and even last year’s inaugural season of Bachelor in Paradise. He likes partying. And here in paradise, he parties:

He did finally ask Tenley Molzahn on a date. She told him that 1) he was a little bit too drunk for this, and 2) if she said yes, it would be purely platonic. He declined, and since his heart was set on Tenley, he didn’t really have a plan to use it. Then Joshua Albers boldly swooped in and asked Chris if he could have his date card since he wasn’t going to use it. Chris said sure, and then Joshua asked Tenley, THE VERY GIRL WHO TURNED DOWN CHRIS IN THE FIRST PLACE. Et tu, Joshua? Brutal.

Joe & Sam & Justin & Drama & Reconciliation

Last episode, Samantha broke up with Joe, and then promptly said yes to a date with newcomer -- and Joe’s friend from The Bachelorette -- Justin Reich. Joe was pretty upset that she would do to him pretty much exactly what he did to Juelia Kinney, and felt that no one deserved such treatment. Ahem. And then, through the power of what we can only assume is Joe’s incredibly powerful telekinesis, Samantha changed her mind. She told Justin she didn’t want to go on the date, and made up with Joe. Kinda. Maybe. We’ll see.

More Changing Winds of Romance

After Justin got turned down by Samantha for his date card, he invited Amber James, who said yes, hoping to test Dan Cox, whom she’s still crushing on, but who had been a little lukewarm with her. She kissed Justin but felt bad about it later, and then had a chat to see how her relationship with Dan was going:

So basically, not great. So she turned her attention to Jared Haibon, and told him that she’d give him a rose if he didn’t have one -- which, predictably, made Ashley Iaconetti pretty upset.

Samantha Changes Her Mind… Again

So now that Amber and Dan have kinda broken up, and Dan’s already burned his bridge with Ashley Salter, he’s left hunting for roses since the girls are handing them out this week. He turns his attention to Samantha, confident he can turn her against Joe. Joe, obviously, doesn’t like this, and launches a counter offensive. But it wasn’t enough, as Sam gave her rose to Dan, much to the shock of pretty much everyone but Sam. Watch a crushed Joe make his last stand with Sam:

She’s not having it. And she’s also doing a lot of politicking to put this on Joe, but the rest of the folks in the house feel she’s a villain too. Everyone starts piling on Sam, including Ashley S., who veers hilariously off-track during her rant:

You’re so pretty, you’re like a dead bird to Ashley. So there...?

But it’s not over yet: New arrival Chelsie Webster shows up with a date card, and Carly Waddell has a plan. If she can get Chelsie to sweep up Dan, Sam might be out of options and going home after the next Rose Ceremony: 

Will it work? Tune in tonight to find out!

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