The 6 Best Halloween Pranks

The 6 Best Halloween Pranks

For Halloween, Dre and his family have a tradition of pranking one another. Dre likes to call the tradition, "Pranking the Living Crap out of Each Other." So how do the practical jokes measure up? Here's how we rank the pranks from Season 1, Episode 6 of black-ish, "The Prank King."

6. Getting Josh'd at Office
Dre (Anthony Anderson) is not a fan of his coworker Josh, but the prank he pulls on Kris in the office is pretty solid. Scalding hot coffee is always a good punchline.

5. Fake Phone Call from Sophie
Zoey (Yara Shahidi) pulls pours some olive oil on the kitchen floor then lures Andre Jr. (Marcus Scribner) over by telling him he has a phone call from Sophie. He slides across the floor and has a horrific wipeout. Unbelievable! Like Sophie would really ever call him.

4. Dre Is Having an Affair
By leaving a trail of women's underwear that leads to the bedroom, Dre has Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) thinking her husband is having an affair. What would the kids think? At least they're in on it.

3. Don't Drop the Baby!
When is it OK to drop your new baby cousin? When it's a football, in which case it's also OK to kick it for a field goal.

2. Getting Punch'd at the Office after Getting Josh'd
When Dre's coworker Josh tries to pull his prank again, Charlie (guest star Deon Cole) punches him in response. Dre gets angry at Charlie for perpetuating a violent stereotype, but Charlie wasn't about to miss the opportunity to sock it to Josh.

1. The Chair Scare
Dre wants his kids to participate in the Halloween pranking, but Junior seems to be over it. Dre isn't about to take this sitting down. Or, actually he is...