black-ish Season 2 Premiere Wednesday Sept 23 9|8c: "The Word"

black-ish Season 2 Premiere Wednesday Sept 23 9|8c: "The Word"

Finally! The black-ish season 2 premiere is finally on its way. We've gone too long without any new episodes of Dre, Bow, and the rest of the Johnson family, but you can get a look at the premiere right here.

The black-ish season 2 premiere is coming soon: WEDNESDAY SEPT 23 9:30|8:30c, so get ready to tune in. Season 2 kicks off with a new episode entitled "The Word." Jack performs the song “Gold Digger” at a school talent show and when he sings a lyric that includes THE word, it leads to his possible expulsion from school. Dre and Bow work together to get him reinstated, and along the way, examine the evolution of THE word through the generations and just who, if anyone, has the right to use it. 

WATCH: Dre and his Coworkers Discuss THE Word

So tune in and watch the smartest, funniest, just flat-out best comedy on TV right now (yeah, that's right -- I said it). Because it's not a good idea to go too long without Dre, Bow, and of course, a dose of Charlie:

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