black-ish Season 2 Premiere Will Tackle THE Word

black-ish Season 2 Premiere Will Tackle THE Word

black-ish is back on ABC starting tonight, and you can get your first look at the black-ish season 2 premiere right here!

Dre, Bow, and the rest of the Johnson family are back to fill your home with laughs, but first, they'll be tackling a pretty touchy subject: THE Word. You know which one we mean. If not, watch this sneak peek for the premiere and that should help you out:

Dre, Charlie and Curtis are discussing the fact that Dre can't say THE word in his own house. Josh wants to know if "African-American" is OK to say. Dre says it's fine, but you can just say "black." Mr. Stevens then brings up "colored," but that is a no-no. (Our standard for "no-no" here is a word that makes Charlie pull out his gun and slap it down on the conference table.) However, everyone agrees that the NAACP (the "C" is for "Colored") definitely sends a mixed message. "Negro" also gets Charlie's no-no treatment, though Mr. Stevens notes that someone should tell the United Negro College Fund.

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So as you can see, words can be a lot more complicated than they seem. Watch the Johnsons tackle this tricky subject with humor TONIGHT 9:30|8:30c!

Watch black-ish WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c on ABC.

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