Alan Ayala
Alan Ayala

Contestant Biography

Alan Ayala was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico. His mother was a popular television host and his grandfather was in politics. Alan was into music from a young age and was in a child band with his sister. After moving to Los Angeles, Alan continued to follow his dream of music. After graduating high school early, Alan Ayala now attends Santa Monica College with hopes of transferring to USC.

★ Alan was born in Monterrey, Mexico where he lived as a young child.

★ As a young child, Alan was a part of a children's band in Mexico called, 'Los Ruppis' with his older sister.

★ Alan was the man of the house as his father stayed back in Mexico for 2 years before he found a job in the US. His father is now a general manager for a plastics production company.

★ Alan skipped two grades in school and graduated from high school early. He is currently a student at Santa Monica College and hopes to one day go to USC.

★ He has released two albums, 'Alan Wheeler Prestame Atencion' and 'Avion de Papel'.