Brady Tutton
Brady Tutton

Contestant Biography

Brady Tutton suffered a severe stutter as a child, and could barely speak. Eventually, his therapists discovered that he didn't stutter whenever he would sing. Since then, he's fallen in love with all kinds of music. He is not only a classically trained opera singer, but his tastes stretch across the spectrum and even include R&B. He comes from a talented family of performers, and he's found his niche with music.

★  Brady was born into a very talented family. His brother toured with the Broadway show 'Oliver' when he was 8 years old and so Brady lived the touring life at ages 2 and 3.  Brady feels this gives him an advantage as he's lived on airplanes and hotels and knows what to expect if he made it into a boy band.

★  Brady's older sister has a recurring role on a television show.

★  Brady had a terrible stutter when he was younger. He was embarrassed that his older siblings could get up on stage and act in front of people and he couldn't even speak normally. Singing was the only time he wouldn't stutter so it became his favorite thing to do.

★  Brady has made it a point to differentiate himself from his siblings by getting into R&B and Hip-Hop. He feels it throws people off that a white suburban kid from Wisconsin loves R&B, Hip-Hop, and Gospel.

★  Brady has studied classical music since he was 12. He can sing show tunes, opera and can sing in Italian, German, and French. He has won at multiple choir competitions throughout the state.

★  Brady doesn't see a life for himself outside of music. There is nothing more that he wants in life than to be a part of this band.

★  His hobbies are skateboarding and snowboarding and he occasionally likes to play tennis.

★  He loves to cook and his speciality is a family recipe-pasta dish with mushroom sauce.