J Hype
J Hype

Contestant Biography

J Hype (Jay Gilbert) is not your average 14-year-old. He is not only 6'1" with a deeper voice than most men, but also an absolutely incredible beatboxer and a unique talent that leaves audiences wanting more. Jay is very in touch with the hip hop culture and his favorite item he owns is a pair of Adidas boots. His biggest fan is his 11-year old sister who he's very close with. J Hype is excited to bring the art of beat boxing into the mainstream and he feels that his talent will elevate the next boy band to another level. What J Hype wants most out of this competition is for people to ignore his age and for them to respect his talent.

★  J Hype comes from a very supportive family, where his mom and dad now help nurture his talent as a beat boxer.

★  His parents fell in love while attending a hand drum circle years ago.

★  This platform is something J Hype has been waiting for and he is ready to show the world how cool beat boxing can be.

★  His best friend is his little sister, who he says is "The coolest person I know!"

★  J has performed in large venues and festivals all over Las Vegas and has won many open mic competitions.

★  His favorite boy band is One Direction, his favorite soundtrack song is Heathens by Twenty One Pilots, and his favorite music video is Straight Outta Compton by N.W.A.

★  J has 21 pairs of sneakers and studies the history of sneaker designers.

★  He loves to play football with friends, XBox, and making music. He can play percussion, snare drum, and bass drum.